Monday, December 15, 2014

Candy Cane

Hi Friends, what do you do on a rainy, cloudy and gloomy day? You got it! You snuggle under the blankets with a hot cup of cocoa and a warm cozy blanket and you blog! Yes, you heard me right...:-). A laptop with a hot cup of cocoa on a rainy day is all you need to keep your blogging creativity going. Another alternative would be to wear a cute pair of rainboots and splash around in the rain puddle with the kids or thirdly; just do nothing.

Well, it was a rainy day in the twin cities today and I decided to go with "option one" for a rainy day. Yes, I decided to blog. This outfit is what I wore a few days ago when the weather was all nice and warm. I had thought of sharing it on the blog at the end of the week but changed my mind last minute. Besides, I have a couple other outfits I'm yet to post on the blog; I went for my friend's wedding anniversary dinner last weekend and I also went out with my friends a few days ago for some dinning and would like to share the outfit that I wore to these events sometime.

                                                                            Sweater: Old
                                                                            Bag: Express
                                                                            Pants and Scarf: Loft
                                                                            Shoes: Christian louboutins
                                                                            Trench coat: old
                                                                            Earings: gifted

The sweater I'm wearing in this post is what I wore here. I decided to use my colorful loft scarf to make a snood to conceal the turtle neck thereby creating a different look. The purse is a recent purchase from Express and I really like the blush color. I'm thinking of getting the black color too. The design does imitate channel and it is a pretty and cheap imitation. The combination of red and white in this outfit does remind me of "candy cane." What do you think? I'll be back again tomorrow for another outfit post. Have a wonderful week.

                                                                  Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                               Beauty Ojo

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