Monday, July 16, 2018

Red Polka dots blouse + Red wide legged Pants

Happy Monday Friends. I am still on "Blogcation" so to speak but I somewhat find the time to write posts and schedule them every now and then. I'm not taking blog pictures anymore; these pictures are old pictures taken with my iPhone 6 from my archive and their quality is not great but I intend to continue to use them to update my blog while I am away. See my previous post here. Right now, I'm just enjoying myself with the family engaging in fun activities and a lot of reading is still involved too. I go to the library at the end of every week with the kiddos to get books and I take time to gloss through recent fashion magazines while I am there because I do not have a single magazine subscription. I used to years ago until I realized that it was hard for me to let them go. I had boxes and boxes of old magazines in my house and it took the will of God to finally get rid of them 😅 So, library is where I go to read fashion magazines when I need to and I never touch the ones at waiting rooms at the clinic or car garages or any other lounging area; never! And I do not smoke too just in case you are thinking about that because of the picture below. I just asked one of my kids to take me quick pictures at the entrance of the building and if you squint, you can see the reflection of the kids on the glass door 😀

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