Sunday, August 30, 2020

Bottega Veneta Quilted Square-toed Sandals Dupes

          𐍄he Bottega veneta  square toed sandals made a huge impression on me the first time I set my eyes on them and to say that I like this square-toed quilted high heeled sandals, is an understatement because I really love them. When I realized that the steep prices of the original Bottega Veneta Shoes was not practicable, I resorted to searching on-line for any inspired design/dupes which were selling out every where at the high street stores. I finally traced them down to a few reputable on-line stores like Lulus  and Ego Shoes, an on-line shoe store in the UK. I know that this trend might not be here for a long time as all trendy pieces go out of style before we know it but if you want to try out the trend including other inspired square-toed sandals without splurging, check out the multiple colors and selections in the links below.


Thursday, August 27, 2020

Doing Summer in my Green Dress


     α‹™ow is everyone doing? I hope we are all strong, healthy and still keeping up with our Covid sanitation. I just wanted to pop in here real quick to show this green dress I wore the other day; actually an old piece from my closet. The way I transform old pieces in my closet is by adding fresh accessories which I did with this beautiful straw bag I thrifted years ago and my tan color pointed toe mules and bright yellow earrings. I wore this dress to lounge around in the house with a pair of short shorts underneath because it is a very mini dress 😁 If we were going out, I would wear this dress to a backyard BBQ or to go on a lunch date with my friends or family. What do you think of the color green? Is this a color you would wear? Thanks so much for stopping by here.

                                                Dress               Bag            Earrings

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Pink puffy sleeve dress: My favorite Summer trend


     Ξ€his pink puffy sleeve dress was on my wish list for Mother's day this year and I'm really glad I was able to get it considering the fact that it was in huge demand at all HM locations and quickly sold out. The puffy sleeve which is my favorite summer trend by the way and the pink bold color and free flowing style of this dress just makes it the perfect lounging piece to wear and just lounge at home over the weekend. I styled the dress with my dark pink beaded earrings from Jcrew and multi color sandals from DSW. The straw bag which I have had for a while completed the look. I look forward to styling this piece again in the fall. Thanks so much for visiting.

                                                                Dress           Sandals           Earrings

Saturday, August 22, 2020

My Wish List for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

                       One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten

     α‹arlier, I shared a post on what I would love to shop from the Nordstrom anniversary sale and while I have not yet made any purchase, I would love to share these updated lists or guide(s) that I put together after perusing the site. In my previous guide, I shared some items for home dΓ©cor but this guide is just for fashion pieces. Lug soled boots and square toed boots are going to be big trends this fall and so is the leather blazer. While you peruse the sale, do not forget to order your face mask; happy viewing, happy shopping. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Nordstrom Sale Shopping Ideas

                                        One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven

     π₯ordstrom is having its' annual sale and if you need some shopping therapy, you can check it out. I think the sale is currently open to Nordstrom or Nordy Club members who get exclusive early access before the general public. These items on my shopping guide are what I'm interested in buying at the moment and I decided to share on here as I always do 😊 Disclaimer: Please, I am not trying to turn you into a shopaholic; this blog is solely for entertainment and if you are a regular reader here, you must know that by now. 

National thrift shop day: Four reasons why I thrift


         π‚eal fashion or style cannot fully be achieved without a mix of high and low pieces and this is the main reason, the very reason why every one should consider thrifting or consignment shopping followed by sustaining and protecting the earth. Even high end designers and stylists do thrifting or flea market shopping or vintage shopping or consignment shopping. Whatever you decide to call it, or how you decide to do it does not matter; it is just important that you consider it. These days, you do not have to go to a physical store like Goodwill to thrift as there are so many thrift stores online like Thred - Up, Porshmark or the The Real Real. Today is "National thrifting day" and I would love to share with you the four reasons why I thrift.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

How to style Pink Monochrome Look in the Summer

       π™ink is a color that looks good on most people when the right color pieces are worn. In order to look stylish and classy in pink, it's best to style outfits in monochrome pink shades; (that means styling pieces in different shades or tones of pink) wearing outfits in great textures and outfits with great fit. The collage above shows how to style a monochrome pink look for the summer. This look can be worn to just about any where by swapping out the pieces you don't need for the ones you want. For example, if you want to style this look as a work outfit, you can swap the off shoulder puffy sleeve blouse for a light pink blazer and you can also swap out the pink embellished mules for nude pumps and smaller or understated earrings for this bold pink pair. Happy viewing, happy styling.

Mules           Blouse            Earrings

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