Friday, March 13, 2015

Pink Suede, Wind Sway,

So spring is here and I'll begin this post with an awesome quote I found in a Loft Catalog that was delivered to my home this week; "Nice knowing ya, Winter; Spring can take it from here." I thought the quote was hilarious and I still giggle just thinking about it. Yeah, spring is definitely here in Minnesota and the snow is all melted off. We have only been dealing with strong winds hence the title of this post. The wind was so bad a few days ago that you had to basically hold your steering wheel until your knuckles almost turned white and a few days ago was when I wore this outfit.

I heard or read somewhere that suede is trending this season and I'm not sure of how the trend started or what designer launched it on their runway. What I'm sure about is that I have had this pink suede jacket in my closet for over a year. I had stopped by at Dress barn to check out their sales (they always have awesome jackets) and I froze when I saw this pink suede jacket on the rack; it was very plush and pretty. However, I had some reservation about it. Who wears suede jacket these days? I thought. I loved the pink color and the rosette attached to the lapel but I did not like the suede fabric. I felt it was sort of "Grandma-ish" or "eighty-ish" but I couldn't let go of it and it followed me home and lounged in my closet until I was invited to a baby christening a few days ago.

                                                                       Pink Blazer: Dress Barn
                                                                       Black Tee: LOFT
                                                                       Pants: Macys
                                                                       Pumps: VS Shoes (old)
                                                                       Purse: Vintage Relic
                                                                       Necklace: Express

Don't you love it when a trend sort of falls into your lap or walks into your closet without much planning or shopping?...:-). I do not remember exactly how much I paid for this jacket but I remember it was a steal. I decided to pair it with this pant from a previous post and if you ask me, I have no idea what kind of prints this pants has. I just call it my sushi pant...:-) because it reminds me of rolls of sushi. I decided to go without earrings again and I have been having this love-hate relationship with earrings lately.

The baby christening was for a baby girl and pink was very appropriate too. I had so much fun at the party and felt so happy and blessed to be there. I love kids a lot and I believe they have to be raised and nurtured to have love for God and for people. A christening or baptism is always one of the ways a child can be set on the right path in life. Have you ever been to a baby christening, baptism or dedication? What would be your first choice of outfit; a dress, skirt or pants?

Thanks so much for stopping by.

Beauty Ojo

Proverbs 22:6New King James Version (NKJV)

Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.

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