Monday, September 3, 2018

Fall's Number One Bag Trend

                                          FALL'S FASHION ACCESSORIES
                                            The Fanny Pack

Happy Labor Day Friends 😀 If you live in the United States, you know today is a national holiday and the official last day of summer. Being a holiday, it is the perfect day to prepare for the upcoming Fall season. If your preparation involves going on a last minute vacation, going on a road trip, going to State Fairs or just hanging around enjoying a picnic or barbecue, the one accessory that you should think of adding to your closet is the waist bag. This is a fashion accessory that was very popular in the eighties and while Fashionistas were happy to lay it to rest for decades, its sudden resurgence in the recent season, has many excited. It was popularly known as the "Fanny Pack" in previous years and now it has gained other fancy names like "Waist Bag" and "Belt bag." While I have a "Love-Hate" relationship with this trend, I admit it does add a cool interest to an outfit. Also, designers have started making versatile bags that you can wear as a cross body bag and convert to a waist bag when you need to. Let's hope this trend hangs around for a while. Below are my selections of affordable, colorful fanny packs to fit any budget.


                                  1                                             2


                                                        4                                                    5


                                                       6                                                     7


                                                     8                                                         9

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