Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bomber Jacket and Green Pleat Skirt


Hi Friends, I trust we all had a great Thanksgiving weekend; mine was so much fun. I spent time with family and friends and there was lots of food and dancing involved. Yeah, I must say I enjoyed the dancing just as much as the food and with extra dancing planned for this next weekend, I should be able to lose the extra pounds gained from eating all that food. I'll be talking about dancing a lot in the next upcoming holiday posts because I have discovered that it is the best exercise for anyone; very inexpensive and the only motivation you need is some good music.

This outfit was my Thanksgiving attire featuring a bomber jacket over pleated maxi skirt. Bomber jackets and pleat skirts are trending right now and like I always say when it comes to Fashion; nothing is really new; fashion recycles. I got this skirt made three years ago. I went to the Fabric store and saw this mini pleat fabric that I really love and I bought them in five colors; purple, red, green, blue and black. I had three made into maxi skirts and I'm still thinking of what to make with the other two colors left. Any suggestions? pleated dress, pants....Seriously, I need suggestions on what else to make with pleated fabric aside from skirts and dresses...Thanks for your feedback.


Maxi skirt: Custom made / Sweater dress worn as top: Victorias secret / Bomber Jacket: House of Fraser / Boots: blogged about here.




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