Sunday, May 6, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Guide

                                                   Affordable Gifts for Mom
                                                            just to show little Appreciation...

                                         (One) Flowers // (Two) Wicker bag // (Three) Earrings
                                                 (Four) Jade Earrings // (Five) MAMA Ring
                                                      (six) Bangle // (Seven) Raffia Mules
                                                    (Eight) Fragrance // (Nine) Slingbacks

 Mother's day is just a few days away and if you are still in doubt of what gifts to give that special Mom in your life, here are a few options to consider that are affordable and thoughtful at the same time. The first option is always flowers and a greeting card either handmade or industrial with a heartfelt message of love and appreciation. We cannot put value on all the things our parents (especially Mom) did for us but we can continue to say thank-you every now and then with every little gift or gesture we can provide. After the flowers come the dainty gifts; jewelry, fragrance, bags, shoes and even cash or gift cards to spas, for dinning, house cleaning...just name it. there is practically a gift card for most services
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