Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Quarter Recap

How Time Flies…

I would like to say it is funny how time flies; but it is not funny at all…:-). Somehow, it's hard to believe that we are already at the end of April. Didn't we just have a New year's day not too long ago??? **Sigh** As difficult as it might be to comprehend, it is real.

I thank God for his grace and his faithfulness. He has clothe us with his protection and we are ever grateful. At this time, I pause to count all my blessings that God has bestowed upon me. I did lose a very dear family member recently; my maternal grandma who passed away at the age of 93. Somehow, I had hoped she was going to make it to a 100 years so, I was sad when I got the news of her death. I could not make the trip to Africa for the funeral rites because of my new born and I give God praise for the journey mercies of all my family members that went home for the rites. In life, there are challenges but it does not change the fact that God is God no matter what. My Grandma was saved and she lived a very good and fulfilled life so we all celebrate the life that she lived and that is why I did not mention it on the blog earlier when it happened. Now, that I'm doing an official first quarter recap; a feature I just started on the blog, I felt it was necessary to mention it.

Now unto blogging issues, I want to launch this new segment that I would be doing every four months on the blog in which I would do a recap of the previous months including outfit posts, gists or any other important event or information that comes up. I'm still thinking of how and what to do for my first give away. I have had very amazing time in the blogging community and have made some awesome friends too and I think it is time to say thank you…:-). I will definitely draw up a plan on a Giveaway before the onset of summer. Now to the outfit recap…

Sweater Dress: Victoriassecret (old)

These are some of the outfits I wore from the beginning of the year till date and I must say I achieved quite a bit in the color department. I also grew a lot in my spirituality and I know greater things are in store for the rest of the year. You want to come with me for the ride? It's never too late!…:-) It's never too late to add some color to your closet and it is certainly not too late to make friends with Jesus.

                                                                Thanks so much for stopping by.

                                                                               Beauty Ojo

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