Friday, August 14, 2015


Liliana Plaid Pumps

Happy Friday friends; I was surfing the web recently and discovered this beautiful plaid pump from Liliana. It was my first encounter/knowledge of this upcoming shoe store based in California and after browsing their site, I can tell that they are unto something; their shoes are pretty and affordable.


This pretty, quality pumps can make a huge statement for fall and it is one way of adding plaid patterns to your closet. Since the shoes are so affordable, I ordered a pair right away and my package came yesterday. I was so anxious to check the quality of the shoes that I almost snatched the box from the delivery man...:-). I can tell you that the quality, and craftsmanship of this shoe is great and if you like pretty shoes like I do and you want to add a great pair to your closet for fall, check it out.

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