Thursday, December 19, 2019

Thrifty Christmas: Sequin Pouch Clutch

           y Christmas tradition the past few years is to go to the thrift or vintage store during the holiday season to pick one or two items to style for the holiday. Before I go thrifting, I make a list of the items that I need for the season and it's usually holiday accessories; beaded or sequin blazers or clutches. This saves me some money, I'm able to update my wardrobe with unique pieces and also contribute to good causes because some thrift stores are owned by non-profit organizations that give back to the community. Check out the previous blog posts here and here. A few weeks ago, I went to my local Goodwill Store to do my annual shopping and picked this greyish silver beaded sequin clutch which is very pretty and unique at the same time. I only paid $6.99 for the clutch! A similar clutch in the retail stores would cost $50 and higher

How to create a no fuss all black Outfit for the Holiday

              t's a few days to Christmas and the new year and this is not the time to be running around trying to find yourself an outfit to wear to a Christmas holiday event. The holiday is a time to be merry and a time to be with family and friends so, do not sweat anything if you do not have an outfit figured out yet; just take a deep breath and relax. At times when you are in need of a quick outfit and do not have any outfit in mind, just do the default outfit; all black. An all black outfit is very safe for any event. To make it holiday ready, think sequins, tulle and velvet

                                                         Here       Here
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