Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grey and black


I'm in bed recovering from a cold and I totally lost my voice; I can't even hear myself speak and I sound really funny but I'm glad this is not a video blog or a YouTube post. It would have been a total disaster. I promised myself I was going to share this outfit that I wore to prayer meeting a few days ago and here it is. I shopped my closet for this look and except for the single strap sandals which was purchased this past summer, I've had the other pieces in my closet for years now. I really patted myself on the back for this look because I used to run to the store to get new outfits whenever I get invitation for an event especially a big event like this prayer meeting that I attended.

It was an Interdenominational prayer conference for women only and it was a beautiful event. I almost did not make it though, I felt sick the whole day with stomach upset, then I dragged my feet when it was time to get ready. At the time I started driving there, I found out that the main road leading to the venue was blocked due to construction and I had to take a bunch of confusing detours. I felt bad that I was late for the event but at the end of the day, I was glad and relieved that I made it. It was worth it and such a beautiful and spirit filled event; ladies getting together to pray for their family, their kids, jobs, friendships, community and the nation. My confidence and faith level went up 100 degrees after the event and I felt like I could take on anything including this awful cold.

                                                                       Jacket: thrifted (old)
                                                                       Pants: Target (old)
                                                                       Sheer blouse: T. J. Maxx (old)
                                                                       Purse: Vintage Relic
                                                                       Sandals: VS (here)

I'm so glad I feel better now and I'm glad I was able to upload this post. watch out for my GIVEAWAY post and thanks so much for reading and for making blogging so much fun. It's your visits and comments on this site that makes it worth my while and I really do appreciate it. All of God's blessings for the rest of the week and see you again soon.

                                                                    Thanks for stopping by

                                                                         Beauty Ojo

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