Friday, September 28, 2012

Thinking of Hawaii

Hi beautiful readers, you are welcome to the end of the week and the end of the month. The year is coming to an end and the seasons are changing abruptly. It's the time of the year when God shows us the beauty in creation when all those trees and shrubs start to display the most beautiful colors ever! I just love fall; definitely my favorite time of the year. Anyway, I woke up to a little chill this morning which reminded me that the Winter is just around the corner. Well, I was not thinking of winter. I let my mind sail to the beautiful island of Hawaii soaking up the nice beautiful weather in a pretty nice beach..**ough...** Well, my day dreaming took me to my closet and I came out looking like this!

I purchased this dress from Metrostyle about four years ago and the prints kind of remind me of Hawaii.  I do not know why I think so but I think the stripes remind me of palm fronds which are found at the beach. Although I liked the prints then, I have not really worn the dress a lot. I am still waiting for that perfect beach party...:) Then I would dress it down with some cute flats and across the body bag and some cute sunnies and I will be ready to party!...:) You see I love dresses a lot and really wish I could wear them everywhere.

I have on patent Quipid heels, Aldo bag and a red belt from Metrostyle which has a matching pattern with the bag. Not my intention to be matchy-matchy though. Both items were purchased differently and years apart.

Trying to adjust my accessories before going to catch that flight to Hawaii which leaves in a couple of minutes...**in my mind that is...**

I got to run...I got to catch that flight! I have to escape from this coming winter!! **hehehehe...:)**

Some people when they face problems, always look for the easiest way out. Some turn to drugs and others get into acute depression. I will tell you the best therapy ever that involves dealing with the problems even before they show up; and that is having a personal relationship with God.

A lot of people want to have all the good things that God offers; Prosperity, health, Grace, beauty and yet they ignore the giver of the gifts. How can you expect to get good things from a wealthy father when you shun all communication with him?

Please, we have to have a communication with God the creator. Spend a few hours of your time each week doing the things that please him; which involves worship and praying (Communication) You can never have a relationship with him without communicating with him. Have a blessed week everyone. **Kisses!!**

Watch out for my LIEBSTER AWARD post soon. It will be my first post in October which is my birthday Month.

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