Saturday, January 10, 2015

Winter Wishlist

What I want for Winter

Desigual wool coat
$255 -

Burberry knee high boots

Hunter waterproof boots
$130 -

Holiday scarve

Black hat
$31 -

Sylvia Alexander infinity scarve

Hi Friends, I am back with a post on my wish list for the winter and since this winter is already midway and all the shopping for this season already done, this wish list more or less is just going to sit and wait for 2015 Santa.

Classic Wool Coat: 

The classic wool coat is a winter staple and it is always good to invest in a good cut and great color. Tan or camel seems to be the color for this winter season but I have always loved a grey color coat and I look forward to having it someday. The only downside is that the color is so bright that any blemish would be easily visible so, dry cleaning costs should be factored into this investment piece.

Graphic Print Coat:

The first time I saw this graphic print coat online, I fell in love with it immediately and I love the idea of wearing prints as an outer wear or a layering piece in the winter time. This coat if it is not sold out would be on the top of the list for Santa next winter...haha!

Blanket Scarf:

Yes, this one has been around for a while now and yours truly did not get one yet but that is okay. Although, I like the trend, it will have to wait also. 

Infinity Scarf:

I currently own a couple of infinity scarfs but a couple more in great colors is always welcome. The great thing about them is that they are so easy to wear. You just throw one on and you are good to go; there is no need to loop or tie it in any way.

Rain Boots:

Rain boots are such cool accessories to have for the winter and spring season and they come in such great styles these days. I'm currently looking for one in a great color like those red ones above. Then, I can splash and play in the snow with the kids without any worry.


Boots are just essential and have to be on any winter wish list but then, this Burberry pair are just so beautiful. This pair would be making phone calls to Santa several months before winter.


A cute beanie is always stylish and chic and an embellished or printed one would add fun to any outfit.

God's Word: 

This is just the absolute most important thing on this list and it should be the first on any kind of list at all. With the kind of world that we live in these days, we just have to hold dear unto God's word at all times. I have the bible app on my phone which is always with me and I have to ensure that I reference it a lot this season and at all times. God's word teaches us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves and if we do this, we will never, ever think of hurting our neighbor or anyone no matter how different they are from us or how different their views are from ours. Jesus said that if anyone strikes us on one cheek, we should turn the other cheek. The bible does not support or preach discrimination or intolerance only love. Again, please, let us love everyone just as much as we love ourselves.

                                                       Thanks so much for stopping by

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