Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Mixed Leopard Prints Style

Leopard prints and snake prints just won't stop this season and that's okay by me; that means, I'm able to wear every piece in my closet. The two pieces in this outfit have been in my closet for years; I wore them a lot years ago when I was obsessed with leopard prints and the prints was also a thing then but the trend went away and I do not know why I never really donated these pieces. Check out other ways I styled this skirt in previous blog posts here and here. I actually got inspiration for this particular look from online and I knew I wanted to try it. Although mixing leopard prints can be overwhelming, you can balance out the look by using neutral accessories to complete the look. If you are interested in this mixed prints leopard prints style and want to check out some pieces, I have linked some for you. I'm so excited because my birthday is a couple of hours away; woot! woot!! 😄   
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