Thursday, January 22, 2015

The new Matron in Town

The word matron is used to describe a dignified older woman with a huge responsibility or office and in the past, it was an honor to be addressed as a matron. Fast forward to our age and the word Matron has lost most of its appeal. In fact, even the older ladies do not want to be addressed as such especially when it is used in relation to the description of clothing.

This beige coat here is as matronly as you can have it and it is dignified at the same time. I chose to style it tied with most of my clothing covered because I wanted to make the coat the highlight. I added the burgundy hat as an afterthought but it does add some color to the neutral colored pieces.

                                                                    Tee & Jewelry: Loft
                                                                    Coat: Consignment Store
                                                                    Animal Prints bag: Gifted
                                                                    Pumps: Target
                                                                    Jeans: Loft

The next time I am styling this piece, I would give it a little edge by losening the ties and keeping it free then I would ditch the hat and go higher on the heels. Until then, this Matron says hello!

Thanks so much for stopping by

Beauty Ojo 

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