Thursday, November 24, 2016

How to stand out at a Holiday Party

It is the season of  holiday parties and as those invites pour in, great consideration is put into gifting and dressing up for the events. In a season of trendy colors and fashion, it is always a good idea to stand out in a good and classy way. So, if you are attending that Christmas party where most ladies turn up in the season's colors of red and green or lace dresses of different colors or even the LBDs; want your own outfit to stand out? Consider the tips below.

Trend by Color

If you are going to a casual thanksgiving event or party; do you plan to wear a casual outfit to match the colors of the season? If your answer is yes; then you have chosen an outfit by picking one trend and ensure that you stick to it. Do not add another holiday, season or outfit trend to your choice. For example, if you plan to wear a Christmas sweater to a Christmas themed party, make sure you get a sweater in a neutral color like cream, white and grey and let the Christmas graphics or embellishment make the trend statement. Do not wear a red Christmas sweater with additional Santa Claus graphics or embellishment.

Take a look at the two casual sets below and you can tell that they are trends by color; colors of Autumn (Fall). However, the first outfit below with the cut-out sleeves or cold-shoulder top is way too trendy. The outfit set has a clash of two or three trends; seasonal colors (orange and khaki) and fashion trend (cold-shoulder top and leather)

Rather, wear a casual outfit like the one below where you are only giving a nod to the colors of the season in a beautiful mustard color sweater. I know that the sweater is off shoulders and you might say that is; trend number two but not really. the off-shoulder trend was a big trend in the Summer and it was followed by the cold shoulder top at the beginning of the Fall season. So, you have to weigh each trend to find out the one that is a little more subtle if you decide to add a second trend to your outfit.

Trend by Fashion

We all know that the velvet trend is a big hit right now but if you want to look classy at the thanksgiving party or holiday party, pay attention to how you wear the season's fashion trend. If you dress up in velvet head to toe, you'll come off a little cheesy and as someone trying too hard to be a Fashionista.

Instead of wearing a velvet dress, pants or skirts like most ladies in the party might wear, put a different twist on your outfit by using a velvet clutch or purse instead. And do remember that velvet boots and booties are also a big trend at the moment. Rather, than wearing velvet boots, why not wear velvet heels instead? That way, you stand out in your pumps. However, never carry a velvet clutch and wear velvet boots or heels at the same time. You have to pick only one accessory in the Season's fashion trend.

Dressing up might not be as easy as it seems after all...Lol. I know that there is the popular saying or idea that there is no rule to Fashion these days but if you really want to stand out in a classy way wherever you go, you have to adhere to some simple rules, "Happy Thanksgiving."
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