Monday, June 1, 2015

Stripes on the "go" and "thankful"

Just knowing that we are in the middle of the year and the month of June makes me very excited and thankful. I am thankful to God that I am still here doing all the things I love to do which includes blogging and also, I am wearing one of my favorite dresses of the season; this stripped dress I purchased at Loft and blogged about here. The dress was sold out in my size so, I went a size up just to make sure I got it. This  dress can go anywhere from work to play depending on how it is accessorized. Hey! I am wearing my latest shoe addition too; the black suede pumps I got from Asos for Mother's Day.

The green bag I am using in this post was actually thrifted from a vintage thrift store and I blogged about it here too. At the time I got this bag, I just liked the shape and color and I never knew it is actually a bucket bag until I saw this bag here. I wonder why the maker never put their tag or label on it. If I am able to achieve one of my dreams of being a designer or if I ever get to make anything for sale, I would affix my logo

How do you feel about us being in the middle of the year already?Do you have half or all of the things on your bucket list done? Are most of your new year resolutions met yet? Earlier in the year, I mentioned that I was nominated to serve in a committee in my school district and we just rounded up meetings for the school year a couple of weeks ago. Those that are not visitors to this blog already know that I blog from the state of Minnesota which is one of the coldest states in the US. Fortunately, one of the incentives of living here is that we are one of the states with very good education system in the US. The awesome thing is that, the state wants to even do better and be the #1 in ranking. So, part of the work we are doing in my district committee in the elementary and high school level is how to make things even better with our education. You can read about it here.

So, for me, one of my goals for the year was to volunteer and contribute more to my community and I am achieving that so far. There is still time to make plans and contribute to a greater good if you have not made a commitment already. Okay, I apologize for my long I deviated a bit from the topic at hand; the striped dress.

Dress: sold out (similar)
Shoes: Asos (blogged about here)
Bag: thrifted

If you are reading this post right now, I am thankful that we are here doing one of our favorite things and I am thankful to you for stopping by.

                                                                  Beauty Ojo
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