Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Birthday to me in my Fall Casual Style

It's my birthday πŸ˜ƒ Words cannot express how grateful and happy I am feeling right now. I thank God for his mercy and love towards me and for his divine love and protection over me and my family and friends.  *insert dancing emoji here** Having my birthday on October 31st which is Halloween holiday in the United States evokes mixed emotions in me whenever my birthday comes around every year because I do not celebrate Halloween. I just do not understand much nor do I like why and how the holiday is celebrated. I like the idea of kids dressing up in fun costumes and getting treats but really, really do not like all the gothic and ghostly dΓ©cor and all the horror and scare surrounding the holiday and its celebration. I do not like spooky and horror movies too so maybe that's why...And then, statistics show that kids get hurt more on and around Halloween holiday when they go trick or treating especially by drunk drivers who are reckless and negligent. Some states are proposing limiting the age of kids who can trick or treat on Halloween to under twelve years probably to limit the number of kids on the streets on Halloween. Forgive me for my rant if you are into Halloween but please, be safe and pray for your kids before you send them out. I thank God the celebration is optional too as with other holidays 😊 The celebration that is not optional for me however, is my birthday. I'm glad I was able to have an enjoyable day with my family.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Mixed Leopard Prints Style

Leopard prints and snake prints just won't stop this season and that's okay by me; that means, I'm able to wear every piece in my closet. The two pieces in this outfit have been in my closet for years; I wore them a lot years ago when I was obsessed with leopard prints and the prints was also a thing then but the trend went away and I do not know why I never really donated these pieces. Check out other ways I styled this skirt in previous blog posts here and here. I actually got inspiration for this particular look from online and I knew I wanted to try it. Although mixing leopard prints can be overwhelming, you can balance out the look by using neutral accessories to complete the look. If you are interested in this mixed prints leopard prints style and want to check out some pieces, I have linked some for you. I'm so excited because my birthday is a couple of hours away; woot! woot!! πŸ˜„   

Monday, October 29, 2018

Plaid Blazer + Belt Bag

Happy Monday; I hope your week started off great. My heart goes out to the families of those who lost their lives at the Pittsburg Synagogue shooting; such a senseless act. There is so much wickedness and evil spewing out of people these days but we cannot sit down and let it thrive. We have to double up on our love to counteract all the negativity. We should love on people, help people in times of need and pray; pray for ourselves and others. And off course, we have to give money too to help those in need. When you know God has blessed you or placed you somewhere where you know you can give a helping hand, go ahead and help.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Neon Green: Fall's trendy color

Green color has emerged as fall's trendy color and it's a color that is going to trend right into spring. The different shades of green are part of this trend but the loudest shade is emerald or neon. Sometimes, this color can be a little tricky to style and the set above is inspiration on how to style green for casual event or outing. If you want a classy, timeless look, pair a green tie-neck blouse with a pair of dark green denim and brown boots and you are good to go. To elevate the look, pair it with trendy tassel earrings in a bright or complementary color to create a color block effect and leopard prints clutch or satchel. If you do not like the tie-neck blouse, pick up a green jumper or sweater and pair it with a pair of cool denim. Check out the shopping links below for other green tops and coat and watch this space for more inspiration on styling fall's neon green and emerald green trend. Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Purple + Lilac + Calf hair Pumps

Purple is one of my favorite colors and I loved when it was the trending color this past spring. The color might have taken a back seat this fall because of the animal prints trend but not for me. I'm still riding the wave of the spring season pastel lilac trend πŸ˜‰ I styled this pants previously in this post here and this styling is based on this inspiration mood board here. In order to keep my outfit updated, I just mixed in a dose of prints by wearing this calf hair prints pump; an old purchase from Victorias' Secret catalogue years ago. It's a hard to get a good quality pair of black and white calf hair, cheetah prints pumps these days because they sell out pretty fast. Check out this grey and black Sam Edelman's pump here. It is not calf hair but it's similar in color. We all know the brown colored leopard prints is more common than the black and white ones. So, if you want to make your leopard prints style unique this season, you definitely want to go for the color that is a little out of the box. Leopard prints come in so many different colors now and mixing two different colors of animal prints is another way of putting a twist to the trend. For this look, I just threw on my oversized purple cardigan over a black tank top paired with my lilac pants and I was good to go. Thanks so much for stopping by here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Styling the little black dress (LBD) for Fall

We all have the little black dress in our closets and though this might be a dress that is reserved by many for special days and occasions, it can be styled for the fall weather on a regular day. My best LBD (LITTLE BLACK DRESS) to wear in the cold months is the sweater dress or knit dress. The fabric is meant for the colder months because it is warm and cozy to wear. However, any LBD can be worn irrespective of the material or fabric just by simple layering. In my outfit here, my dress is a sleeveless, turtle neck knit dress from Zara which I layered by wearing a long sleeve sweater underneath. The weather wasn't too cold so ankle boots was very appropriate to style with the dress. In colder weather, knee high or thigh high boots can be worn with some stockings as the need might be. I styled a maxi lace dress a few weeks ago by layering a cardigan over it as you can see in this post here. Also, you can add a pop of color to your look with the use of accessories like a colorful bag as I did in this post here where I styled this same dress. To update your LBD, you can style it with a snake print bag or a pair of snake print boots or pumps. As you know, the snake print trend is the rave this fall. Get out your LBDs and style and mix them into your fall  wardrobe. Thanks so much for stopping by here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Leopard Prints Blazer + Pink Pants

Leopard print blazers are selling off fast everywhere and the available ones are just a bit on the steep side when it comes to price like this beautiful structured piece here. If you like the leopard print blazer trend for fall, you might want to do some smart shopping on sites like ebay or etsy. I scored the one I am wearing here at a thrift store years ago. Like I have said on this blog before; I love thrifting for blazers and actually have them in lots of colors and cuts and you can bet I was excited to get out my leopard print blazers for this season; yes, there are a couple of them. And I tell you, it can save you a lot of money and you get unique and vintage pieces. Another place to shop for used quality pieces is on app like Tradesy, Real-Real and Poshmark. I actually signed up on Poshmark a couple of months ago to sell some of my pieces that don't fit anymore but I'm yet to be active on the site. I'll let you know how that goes. If you are on Poshmark, let me know in the comment and I'll connect with you.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Fall's Dress Trend: The Prairie Dress

                                    The Prairie dress is the biggest dress trend for Fall
                                           How to Style for work︱Fashion Inspiration

**Set adapted from @Styleboardcrea_**

The prairie dress or vintage dress (sometimes called the tea dress) is a huge trend this fall and I am loving it. These dresses that used to be regarded as matronly or too prude are now very chic and edgy. The dresses are usually high necked, sometimes smocked or ruffled and can be midi or maxi dresses. This Gap dress here is a prairie dress but it is listed as a midi dress on the site. I'm also loving this J.Crew olive color ruffle sweater dress which is a kind of modern twist on the prairie dress trend. The color is great for fall and the style would be flattering on most body types. This leopard print midi dress is also very cute and edgy but the price is quite steep unless you don't mind splurging on labels 😊 I think this fall dress trend is a carryover from those gorgeous ruffle midi and maxi dresses that were a huge trend this past summer.

Friday, October 19, 2018

What is in my new Bag? My Fall beauty Essentials and Basic Invite birthday invitation card and Stationery

Happy Friday Friends; I'm pretty excited because my birthday is just a few days away. While I'm not planning on having a super big celebration this year, I have been thinking of different ways to make my upcoming birthday remarkable. One thing I did a couple of months ago; actually in the summer was to take advantage of the summer sales by buying myself a few items that I know I would need in the fall. This plaid clear bag was one of my early birthday gifts to myself. I had seen a couple of plaid shopping totes from major designers online like this Burberry one here and here and I really wanted one for fall. If you have been reading this blog all through the summer, you would know by now that I really love clear bags also known as translucent or transparent bags or PVC bags. Check out this posts here and here and here. Also, If you know me from reading this blog, you know that I love affordable quality fashion so there was no way I was going to splurge on the Burberry tote and thankfully, it sold out before I even considered changing my mind. Then I saw this replica (or should I say dupe?) on the Shein Website for under $20 and I got it right way. The bag is really cute; it has removable long straps in addition to the short straps and the plaid clutch is removable too. I love it when you do not have to splurge to enjoy fashion and style and I really look forward to styling it with different outfits this fall. Now that the introduction about my new bag is out of the way, I would love to tell you about the contents in my bag. Along with some few beauty essentials for fall, I have cute party invitations and holiday invitations from Basic Invite.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

White sweat shirt + Plaid Skirt

Happy throwback Thursday πŸ˜€ This is another throwback look on the blog today; I'm wearing a simple sweat shirt over a plaid pencil skirt. I purchased this plaid pencil skirt from New York & Company two summers ago and I must say I really loved the plaid print when I first saw it online. I also like this bold plaid trousers here and here. I thought of all kinds of pairings for it; black tops and black pointed pumps, white tops and black pointed pumps with blue accents and then I purchased this blue satin bow mules late in the summer and I knew I wanted to do a fall pairing and that's how I put this simple outfit together. I love that this satin mules which have been in heavy rotation in my closet, can be paired with pretty much any piece. I added my blue tassel earrings for an added pop of blue and used my vintage patent purse to pull the look together. I'm definitely thinking of giving this satin mules the break it deserves now. This look can be worn to grown up events like PTA meetings, blog partnership meet-ups and casual business meetings and most importantly Church. Happy Thursday and thank you so much for reading.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Styling the snake print trend with a small accessory

The snake print trend is gradually pushing the leopard prints trend into the shadows; you see it everywhere at least on social media; boots, clothing, bags...This trend can be overwhelming if it is not done right and that is why this post is on how to style the snake print trend using a small accessory like a belt. The belt might be a very casual piece or small accessory but it does add interest to an outfit. For this look, I cinched my lilac color cardigan on the waist with a snake skin skinny belt and paired the cardigan with a lace dress converted into a skirt by the layering; another way of restyling our dresses as a transition piece. I like to add bursts of color to my wardrobe in the fall and my go to color is usually blue but this season, I have been drawn to lilacs and purple; the pastel color that was on trend in the spring. I completed my look with a pair of sparkly earrings from J. Crew and by the way, my cardigan is from J.Crew too but it has since sold out. You can check the shopping links below if you are interested in this pairing. Purple and lilac are some of my favorite colors. Also, I have not gotten into boots quite yet this fall because the weather still allows for a simple pair of mules like the pair I am wearing; haha!😜

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What to wear on a not so cold fall day

Do you live in an area that does not experience fall in the full sense? I mean, cold mornings and evenings, fallen leaves....Maybe, you live somewhere in Arizona where it is nice and warm but you would still like to dress in fall appropriate clothing that is suitable for areas where there is a real drop in temperature or real cold fall weather? You can achieve this by changing the colors of your ward robe to warm colors. You should switch out the bright colored outfits of the summer for darker colors and replace tee shirts with light sweaters. For shoes, you don't have to wear the knee high boots or ankle boots if you do not want to or if you know it is really awkward to wear boots in nice warm weather. Wearing a rust colored shirt or sweater or an orange color shirt over denim with a nice pair of leopard print pumps is just the right casual outfit you would need for a not so cold fall day. If you want to take the outfit up a notch, just throw on a floppy hat and you are out the door to enjoy the nice beautiful weather. I love you for reading πŸ˜˜

Monday, October 15, 2018

The right floral dress to wear in the fall

If you are like me, you own a couple of floral dresses that you would like to wear the whole year through and thanks to layering, you can wear your floral dresses throughout the year. However, not all floral dresses are suited for fall.The tip to wearing floral dresses in the fall is to wear floral dresses in dark hues or earthly colors like brown, burgundy, rust, orange, grey, mustard, emerald green....some of these colors are in my floral dress which I purchased on sale from Target  during the summer. Bold colors like red and blue can also be suitable for fall. I am loving  this blue maxi dress here. Once you have the right floral dress picked out based on the shade or color, you just style it with the temperature or weather in mind.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Animal Prints Accessories

While we are still talking about the animal prints trend for fall, this post is about affordable animal prints accessories; scarfs and bags. It might be a little overwhelming for some people to wear animal prints clothing and one way of indulging in this trend so it does not get overwhelming is the use of accessories like scarfs, bags, belts and shoes. To make your look more interesting, you can mix the prints like I did in this post HERE with my snake print bucket bag from Ann Taylor that has since sold out and this leopard print scarf from Charlotte Russe. Animal prints bags and scarfs are selling out very fast right now but if you are still on the look out for affordable bags and scarfs, check out the shopping links below.

                                                          See original post HERE

                                                         HERE                                       HERE

                                                             HERE                                     HERE

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Throwback to Summer: White button Shirt + Blue Denim Shorts

I love Thursdays especially when I get to throw back to beautiful summer weather. This is an outfit I wore during the summer; a typical summer outfit; a white button down shirt, blue denim shorts and a pair of mules which in this case is satin bow mules previously blogged about here. I love the cobalt blue color of the mules because it elevates the outfit by infusing a rich pop of color. This outfit is also styled based on the outfit inspiration mood board I blogged about here. I also love the translucent bag I was wearing with this outfit and it is a bag I am planning on taking with me everywhere this winter because it is made of PVC material and water friendly. I'm not going to be bothered when carrying this bag around on wet snowy days. And speaking of the weather, it is starting to get very cold here in Minnesota. After four days of constant rain, we woke up to very cold temperatures this morning and carpet of leaves on the yards and streets because the wind shook the dead leaves of the trees; so much clean up for us to do this weekend. How is the weather wherever you are? Summer was fun and I pray that this fall and the upcoming winter would even be more fun. Thanks so much for stopping by here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fall Fashion Essentials: The blazer and ankle boots

We can't talk about fall fashion without listing all the closet essentials that not only keep us warm and comfy but are also good transition pieces as we get ready for the winter. My essential items for fall transition weather is a well structured blazer and a good pair of ankle boots. The blazer is an absolute must in everyone's closet; guys or ladies alike. You can layer it over any clothing all year round and if do not own a blazer before now, you can start by buying a black color or any neutral good quality blazer that can go with most colors in your closet. Another closet essential is the ankle boots. You can pair it with dresses, denim, dress pants and skirts and the versatility in styling is just endless. I must say that the ankle boots is more versatile than the knee or thigh boots because the later is not as versatile. The knee or thigh high boots would not pair with as much clothing items as the ankle boots in my opinion.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Pant Suit: Closet essential

The Pant suit has become an "essential" in a trendy lady's closet; dressed up or down, it is one outfit that is very versatile. When you own a two-piece pantsuit, you can wear it as it is to work, to meetings, to church, brunch, seminars and even weddings to mention a few. You can also break down the two piece by pairing the blazer with other clothing items in your closet. A blazer can be layered over a dress to wear to pretty much any event or it can be paired with a white button down and a pair of denim for a classy casual look. The pants in the two piece can also be paired with a lot of items in your closet and this versatility in dressing makes the pant suit a needed clothing essential. Another reason is just the classy and "boss look" of the pant suit and this is why the pink pant suit was chosen as the theme look for today's post.

                                                                        The Pink Pant Suit

Monday, October 8, 2018

Leopard prints tunic + denim

Leopard prints is trending in several different colors this season and this is what makes the trend so much fun. The classic brown color prints is still a big deal and holding strong but having a mix of the colors makes for a fun wardrobe. I purchased this greyish, black leopard prints silk tunic from T. J. Maxx years ago and it was actually from the plus size department at the store. I liked the unique color, soft fabric and style of the top then but never really got to wear it over the years because I thought the top was a little too big and the trend faded away. I was excited to try it on again a few days ago and was even more excited when I realized that it wasn't really all that big plus I have gained some weight over the years too; haha! πŸ˜ƒ

Friday, October 5, 2018

How to style a mustard color sweater for Fall

Mustard, yellow or gold color is one of my favorites to wear in the fall season. It is one of the dominant colors of fall along with burgundy or wine. Mustard color is a very rich luxurious color and clothing items in this hue usually look expensive. The most obvious pairing for mustard color is with denim or blues. In early fall, I like to pair this color with egg shell white, beige or tan as in this previous post here and in mid fall, I like to pair it with dark blue or black denim. For this look, I paired my mustard color cropped sweater over an off white tie waist pants on a not so cold fall morning. The linen pants was purchased from LOFT last summer and it is super comfy. Although the fabric is most suited for summer, I knew the off white color would be great to style in the fall season. I completed the look with a pair of multi color tassel earrings, tied a colorful scarf on my dark brown straw bag and wore a pair of leopard prints slingback flats. The weather was beautiful and not so cold so I could go about my daily errands without an extra layer. How do you style your mustard color pieces? Happy Friday πŸ˜€  

Thursday, October 4, 2018

How to style the snake print trend for a corporate Job

*Set adapted from @Styleboardcreator

We can see that the snake print trend is everywhere; runways, stores, street style and this post is on how to style the trend for work. If you work in a corporate or formal setting where your work attire is conservative but you are a fashionista at heart and like to try most fashion trends, it would not be a good idea to wear snake print attire to work for example snake print blouse, skirts...rather, use an accessory like a bag or a pair of shoes to show your fashion sense. The set featured here is an inspiration on how to wear the trend to a corporate job. Snake print pumps in black and white color is a neutral and can be paired with other neutrals or color of outfits; to make the outfit more interesting, add a pop of color with a pair of earrings, bracelet or neckpiece; to switch things around, If you choose to wear a snake print handbag, wear colorful earrings or shoes to add a pop of color to your outfit. It would not be a good idea to mix prints with this trend when you are styling it for work; just keep your outfit simple and neutral and let your accessories do the magic. Happy styling πŸ˜€

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Fall Fashion Trend: The Belt

While we are still on the topic of fall fashion trends, can we talk about statement belts? I am sure you have noticed the gucci statement belt trend that has been going on for a while. Yours sincerely here has a love-hate relationship with this trend. Yes, this is a personal blog so I can express my personal opinion on a fashion piece; haha! But what do you think of this trend? While I love the idea of a belt being a statement piece to elevate an outfit, I just do not love any designer clothing piece or accessory with bold or oversized monogram. I just think it's tacky and that's why I don't care much for the gucci belt trend and then can we also talk about the price? At a minimum of $350, It is definitely a splurge and if this trend disappears after a season or two, the price might not be worth it. If you just like the idea of a statement belt like me, you might want to consider the very affordable version at Asos here and here. The secret to having great style is pairing high end and low end items together. At the end, whatever you choose, it is up to you to style and wear it confidently.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Styling the season's leopard print pants: Cable knit sweater + Ankle boots

In my books, it is a win! win!! when clothes from years and years ago still fit the body in the present time and it is even better when the clothes fit right into the modern trend in fashion; money and time saved! happy Tuesday Beauties; I'm sure you all know about the leopard prints trend for fall fashion by now because it is everywhere. When I first got wind that this trend had come back, I was a little skeptical if it was ever going to catch on and I'm surprised at the way people embraced or should I say re-embraced the trend. I have like a medium sized suitcase full of animal prints clothing from over the years and till this day, I do not understand why I never donated them or get rid of them; maybe I had
a feeling the trend was going to be back and it did! πŸ˜€ I have had this pant for years now and like I said earlier, I'm always excited when old clothing items from my closet fit years later. The last time I wore this pants, I was in my last trimester with my youngest child who would be turning five years this christmas and you can check out the post here.  On a side note, I took a look at some of my old posts recently and I remember the earlier days in blogging when I didn't have much idea of what I was doing as regards taking pictures and editing; I'm glad I have improved a little over the years with my pictures and blog layout and for this I am grateful to God. When you have a love for what you do, you never stop; you keep going even when you stumble and make mistakes along the way 😝

Monday, October 1, 2018

Layered in Eshakti polka dots dress and a denim jacket

Happy Monday Friends; it's October....πŸ˜€ October is my favorite month because it is my birthday month; haha! Then, I just love it because it is fall which is my favorite time of the year. I love the cold weather in October (not too cold and without the snow although we do get snow in October in Minnesota) and I love it when the trees start to change colors just before they lose their leaves. I love fall weddings too and I attended one a few weeks ago. My favorite layering piece this year is my denim jacket. For this look, I layered it over a polka dots dress which I used as a blouse when I tucked it into my red midi skirt. The polka dots dress I used for this look is this Eshakti polka dots dress I blogged about here. The dress has a full skirt but it tucked well into this full midi skirt I purchased from Chicwish a couple of summers ago. I completed the look with this Ann Taylor satin bow mules blogged about here and here. The weather is not cold enough yet for boots so I am enjoying this light layering for as long as I can. I shared my favorite Bible verse and prayer for the new month below and would love you to check it out. Thanks so much for stopping by here

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