Monday, November 30, 2020

Leather Blazer + Maxi Denim Skirt


      Ԋi  everyone 😃 We are finally in the last month of the year 2020 and it's with Faith that I say that I pray that all our headaches and heartaches end with the year 2020. I pray that the upcoming year 2021 usher in a new beginning for us all. Well, it's December 1st! I took these pictures on a windy beautiful fall afternoon when the weather was a little cold but not cold enough for a heavy jacket. This brown printed leather blazer is one of my favorite thrifted blazers and believe me when I tell you that I purchased it for less than $20 and it is in great condition and 100% leather too.

 I know that this would not sound great to the animal activists out there and I sincerely apologize...I believe in sustainable fashion and saving the environment and was not exactly looking for 100% leather when I found this blazer. A printed leather jacket like this one  costs hundred of dollars at the stores. I paired the blazer with a vintage maxi denim  skirt and white button down shirt and completed the look with brown square toe boots. Believe me again when I tell you that this is a perfect fall outfit. Thanks so much for reading.

Blazer                Skirt              Boots

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