Saturday, December 6, 2014

Grandma's Trench

Oversized coats are trending right now including capes and all kinds of colorful and stylish outerwear. Living in Minnesota, a state that is known for its long winter months, winter coats are essential and having multiple coats or a closet dedicated to winter accessories is no big deal. For me though, previously, I never really thought much of winter coats as statement pieces. I only bought coats in neutral colors; black, brown, grey, beige and occasional red. Right now, I have started adding some diversity to my winter coats collection and I recently added some trenches and coats in colorful hues. This oversized trench coat which I nicknamed "Grandma's trench" was a recent addition too and I really love the color. The temperature was in the thirties today and the weather felt very great so, it was the right weather for a trench coat.

The grey denim pants are a work in progress. I dug them out of the pile of clothes that I had put together for donation. They are pretty old and worn but since distressed jeans are trending right now, I decided to do some DIY on it and I'm not done yet. First of all, I loosened the hem as they had gone very short; then I took the nail file to them to create the distressed patches. I did not want to use bleach. I'll reserve that technique for another pair that I would be working on next. Have you ever done any DIY on denim that you would like to share? Do leave me some much needed tips in the comment section below.

                                                                 Trench Coat: Vintage store
                                                                 Animal print scarf and bag: Target
                                                                 White tee: Loft
                                                                 Denim: old
                                                                 Booties: Aldo

                                                         Thanks so much for stopping by

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What to wear to the holiday Party/Dinner Event


Hello beautiful ladies, thanks for stopping by my blog. I have an event to attend on sunday night which is going to be my first party for the holiday season and I spent a little bit of time today trying to figure out what to wear to this event. It's my friend's wedding anniversary this weekend and she is hosting a dinner for her friends to celebrate the occasion. I was not able to enjoy holiday parties last year the way I would have loved to because I was pregnant in my last trimester and had my baby on Christmas day. This year,  I plan to enjoy myself 100% in every event I attend and I will start first by enjoying my outfits...:-). I'm also planning a party on Christmas day to celebrate my son's birthday.

Now back to the topic at hand, I had a realization that holiday party looks can be placed in two categories; glitz and glamorous and simple and chic. The glitz and glamorous look are those looks that really celebrate the spirit and fun of the holiday season and event to the fullest while the simple and chic is just laid back but still fun. With this idea in mind, I went on Polyvore and created looks to suit each occasion. I created skirts, dresses and pants outfits with coordinating winter coats for style and warmth. Now, I wish I could just call forth all these items into my closet; maybe I should pray more in order to perform that feat...:-). So, which of these sets do you prefer?


                                                  Glitz and glamorous dress set

Sequin Dress

Sequin Dress by ojomrs featuring a nail polish

Oscar de la Renta white dress
$2,550 -

River Island biker jacket
$135 -

Sophie Hulme leather handbag
$655 -

Jules Smith stud earrings

Burberry lipstick

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics nail polish

                                                    Glitz and glamorous skirt set

Sequin Layers

Sequin Layers by ojomrs featuring a nail polish

Jane Norman brown cardigan
$39 -

Lanvin coat

VILA black pencil skirt
$24 -

Nars cosmetic

Burberry perfume

Burberry nail polish

                                                               Glitz and glamorous pant set

Sequin Party Pants

Tsunoda Paris cap sleeve top

Karl Lagerfeld coat

Tapered leg pants
$3.12 -

Nina Ricci gold handbag

MAC Cosmetics matte lipstick

                                                                     Simple and Chic Dress set

Holiday Simple Party Dress

Skater dress

Armani Jeans coat

Jimmy Choo heel boots
$1,800 -

Givenchy leather belt

Vivienne Westwood scarve
$86 -

Maybelline face powder
$10 -

                                                                        Simple and Chic Pant set

Holiday Peplum Pants

Desigual black wool overcoat
$375 -

Valentino wide-leg pants
$2,045 -

Yves Saint Laurent black booties
$1,045 -

Coast oversized handbag
$86 -

Mac cosmetic

Lips makeup

Dopp kit
$16 -

                                                                         Simple and Chic Skirt set

Party Lace Skirt

River Island long sleeve crop top
$28 -

Paul Smith Black Label waterproof coat
$735 -

Lace skirt

Nicholas Kirkwood ankle strap shoes
$930 -

Chanel black eye makeup
$63 -

     There you have it my friends...:-). Do you think the simple and chic outfits can be just as fun as the glitz and glamorous ones? In my opinion, we do not really need to wear sequins and shiny outfits this season although it can be fun to do so too. I mean, this is the time of the year that ladies really indulge in sequins especially at New-year parties however, any outfit that is clean, fun and chic would do just fine too. It can be simple and fabulous at the same time. No need for complicated stuff that needs elaborate decoding or assembly. This reminds me of a quote I saw on a church sign when I was driving to work a few days ago and it goes;

                                       Church: Assembly required (you get the play on words right?...:-)).

                                           Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                         Beauty Ojo

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