Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sparkles in the Shadows

It's been such a busy and fun weekend. I had a lot of chores on my to-do list and thankfully I got to do most of them. I'm currently just taking a break and preparing to take a much needed nap. I was too lazy to prepare the usual Sunday brunch so I took the phone and called the pizza place and ordered a family feast deal while the rest of the family were downstairs. I wanted to give everyone a surprise and you can imagine the surprise and excitement when the door bell rang and the pizza guy hauled in boxes of pizza. I had to let my son in on the secret though and he quickly rushed downstairs to yell surprise!! I bet hubby would have turned the pizza guy away thinking it was a wrong address. We usually do not do deliveries all the time; trying to teach the kids to eat healthy...:)

This sparkly side-ruched long sleeve top over an A-line gold or mustard color skirt is the outfit of the day. It is actually an old outfit forgotten in the closet that just resurfaced again. I liked the top so much at the time of purchase years ago that I got it in a cream color also. The skirt was custom made by me. I saw the lovely gold/mustard color fabric on one of my visit to the fabric store, purchased it and my seamstress made the skirt. I wish I could sew...(( The ruching on the top made my bump less obvious and it's not that I am trying to hide it any way...:)  The sparkly top and gold skirt totally made my day.

Top: K & G (old) Local boutique
Skirt: Custom made
Heels: Colin Stuart via Victoria's secret
Purse: Aldo
Bracelet: Burlington

Have you ever gotten fabrics from the fabric store and made anything to wear? Thanks so much for stopping by and have a blessed week.
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