Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend Casual

Hi Wonderful Peeps of Blogs Ville; I'm signing in to do some little chit chat and to say hi to my friends and readers...:)

It's been very hot over here in the twin cities and the easiest way to keep cool in the summer as we all know is by being casual as possible in our attire especially when it is not a work outfit and you are just lounging at home and entertaining. This is exactly what I did this weekend. I attended a couple of friends' weddings and then just spent the rest of my time entertaining and lounging at home. This casual outfit should be the most casual I ever featured on this blog; a short chambray dress with pockets and a pair of white sandals. This white sandals are quite old and was actually the first pair of bridal shoes I purchased when I was getting ready for my wedding years ago. I spotted another pair of cool sparkly silver wedges later and that ended up being the winner and this pair has been at the back of my closet all these years. When white shoes came on the scene again this season, they made a quick switch from the back of the closet and found their way on my feet!...:)

I just want to take a moment to comment on some issues that are going on in our beloved Nation right now and without being too specific, I urge everyone to please take things easy and remain calm and to know that our faith is what keeps us strong at this trying times. We must remain strong and should not let circumstances doubt our love and faith in God irrespective of what side we are on.

As a Christian woman, wife and mother of three who dresses modestly, I was not comfortable with the short length of my dress and I had to put on a pair of plaid shorts underneath. I still felt cool, comfortable and stylish at the same time and I had no worries about the sudden rise of the winds or any wardrobe malfunction or accident...:)

Dress: H & M
Shoes: DSW
Bracelet: Target

My wonderful hubby stopped by to say hi too and we constantly pray for our Nation and will continue to do so knowing that only God has the answers to all life problems. Stay blessed and thanks for stopping by.

                                                               Beauty Ojo
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