Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th...

Hi Friends, "Happy 4th of July." We thank God for freedom. I planned on putting on a really "cheesy" oufit today; you know the one that is similar to wearing the American flag with all those blue, red and white colors? **Hehehehe**...:) I really wanted to put some humor in my blog...**smiling,** Well, I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to go with something classy and elegant. This is my fourth of July outfit.

                                                                  Sneak Peek...

                                                        Peek!  Peek!! Peek a booooo!!!


I am wearing an off-white sheath dress that I have had for a long time with a multicolor belt I got from the thrift store. The plan for today was for my family to go to the lake with another family friend of ours and their kids. We had planned to have a nice picnic with lots of food and also play some games but at the last minute plans were changed due to the execessive heat.

We had to move the party indoors because of 99 degrees temperature and the steamy and humid weather. It was nice to really chill indoors in an air conditioned enviroment. We did music rehearsal for church, listened to some music, ate and just had some fun. I left my friends to quickly take some pics outdoors.

                          I do not know what happened to this pic but I kind of liked the close-up.

My bracelet and rings were purchased at Burlington Coat Factory and my nude clutch and Steve Madden Pumps were purchased at TJ Maxx.

Like I said; before picking this dress, I debated on wearing a red sheath dress, a blue wrap dress and my cheesy outfit which was a blouse and skirt combo..but this dress worn the competition...:) and I am sure it is because "white" is the color of the season..

                                              My sunglasses are from Target Stores

Now back to "Freedom," Isn't it nice to be free? Just as I will always share my faith with you on my blog, I want you to know that: the freedom from God through his son Jesus Christ is the greatest freedom of all. And the grace that we received through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the sweetest thing ever. We are free! Yes, we are free indeed!! Christians rock!!!

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