Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Before the Storm

Now this was Minnesota a few days ago before we got the snow storm and accumulated almost a foot of snow. These pictures were taken sometime last week and fast forward to now (a week after) and everything is different. We're still plowing the snow and cleaning up after the storm. I have started driving like a 90 year old lady again; it will take a few more snow falls to get back to the winter rhythm but I hope we never have any more storms. Let's take it nice and easy; a little bit at a time..:-). I know God is listening...:-).

Plaid Jacket: thrifted
Tee and Denim: Loft
Bag: random (old)
Shoes: VS

Did you notice that I took a break from those pointed toe shoes? Well, this is almond toe and pretty old. I purchased it from Victorias secret over eight years ago; old, I know...:-). I don't think they make this style anymore. It's kind of like pointed toe with platforms and a middleman between round toes and pointed toe shoes. I'm not a shoe designer so, I'll leave the rambling at that...:-). I love the color though; that's why I'm still holding unto them.

Plaid is definitely a cool print for fall. Do you know that I thrifted this jacket for $5.99? Well, you know now...:-). I went in to some of my favorite consignment/thrift store recently to look for a leather skirt and I ended up scoring some good pieces. I'll show you what I got soon. I hope everyone is doing great and well?

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