Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Trends-2


                                            Spring Trend; Pastels by ojomrs featuring slim fit jeans

LE3NO red blouse

Pink hoodie

Salvatore ferragamo shoes

Kurt Geiger blue purse
$265 -

                                           Spring Trend; Bomber Jackets by ojomrs featuring a spring outfit

Moschino jacket
$2,040 -

Needle Thread flight jacket
$355 -

WearAll bomber jacket
$29 -

Mat pencil skirt
$67 -

Ballet flat
$145 -

ChloƩ black handbag
$1,435 -

Spring is in the air and I can't wait to see all the colors and beauty that comes with the season; the blooming trees and sweet smell of grass and all the yummy pastel colors. Pastels always trend every season and it is not different this time. I have been busy on Polyvore putting pieces together and you can check out more of my sets here.

                                                                      Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                                   Beauty Ojo

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