Friday, March 29, 2013

A Blogger's Tale...Jesus, the Super Star!

I was talking about my blog to one of my co-workers the other day and she asked me why I talk about my faith so much on the blog. My faith is one of the reasons I set up my blog I replied. I wanted an avenue where I can share or talk about things that matter most to me in life and God, my family and fashion are those things I reiterated. I understand she responded but what if you set up a different blog and just dedicate it to your faith?
Then I understood her discomfort. She is one of those people who feel that faith and fashion do not mix. Just talk about fashion and leave God out of it. And so, the tale I am about to tell is specifically for anyone who has such opinion and the title of my tale is;
Jesus- The Super Star. (Fiction)

As the sun went down, Jesus continued to share God's word to his disciples and some men came up to him and said. "Master, Master, have you heard of a certain blogger who claims to be your follower and claims to blog about the Kingdom of God but talks more about clothes and other fancy things?"
Jesus continued to share God's word with his disciples and when he saw that they persisted with their question, he looked up at them and asked.

"Is this certain blogger Beauty of Beautysworld?" They all nodded in unison. "Yes, Master, that is her. why would she proclaim to be your follower and yet indulges in the things of the world-blogging about fashion?"

Then Jesus looked at them and touched his robes. "Do you see these purple robes I have on?" "Oh yes we do..."they replied again in unison. They eyed the robes with envy. It was splendid and sparkled under the rays of the setting sun. The thread was of great quality and one of the men was tempted to ask where the Master got such quality garment. They knew he was just  a carpenter and yet he dressed so well.

It is not important where I got the garment Jesus replied but what is important is that "when I get crucified, Men will cast lots to get a piece of this garment." They were astonished at the master's response and they knew he was done with them because he started to talk again to his disciples.

"So, is the master saying that it is okay to talk about God and fashion at the same time? they wondered. Where did he get such expensive and handsome robes anyway?"

Well, Jesus got crucified days later and the same men fought to have a piece of his garment. They did not care much about the Master but they wanted a piece of his garment. They knew he was always so handsome and perfect in his array and his disciples though fishermen always looked so good too.

"Maybe, we can't separate fashion from religion they concluded. Master was right."

If you are familiar with the bible, you will know that though my tale is totally made up, however, it is actually true that Men cast lots to have a piece  of Jesus Christ's garment after he was crucified.
Matthew 27: 35
John 19: 23-24

My Jesus was handsome; he was cute, he was cool. He was perfect in all his ways. If Jesus had education in his time, he would have been a honors student. If there had been technology in his time, he would have been a blogger blogging about the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus was a Super Star! And that is why I love him!! I am glad he came from heaven to die for my sins and make me clean. I am glad he gave me grace and liberty to serve God and above all, I'm glad that he gives me the strength and ability to do all that I do.

Do you want to be a friend of my Jesus today? Do you want to love him as I do and do you want him to love you in return? He is the way, the truth and life. John. 14: 6
All you need to do is to say a prayer and let him in into your heart and devote your life to please him. HAVE A WONDERFUL EASTER CELEBRATION. JESUS IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON.

leather jacket; Old
leather skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Tj Maxx
Boots: Colin Stuart via Victoriassecret
Handbag: Aldo


Friday, March 22, 2013

Hi there....:)

Hi there...:) I hope everyone has had an awesome week and you're all pumped up for the weekend. I have not taken pictures lately because I've been so busy plus the snow is still piled up all around town. Come to think of it, we've had snow on the ground now for over three months and though it's starting to warm up, everyone thinks Spring should be here already!

These pictures were taken months ago by my five year old son when we all took a trip downtown. Living in the suburbs, it's always nice to drive into the city once in a while to join in the hustling and bustling...:) The quality of the pictures are due to my old worn camera and editing could not even do wonders. They've been in my folders for months and I just stumbled on them last night and decided to share..

These particular pics were taken at the City center and it's as close to Greece as I have ever gotten. The Greek statute is so huge and cool. Now I'm dreaming of taking a long vacation to Greece or Rome or anywhere in Europe where I can take long walks looking at historical buildings and statutes and sampling exotic cuisine as I go..hmmmm

Fuchsia jacket: thrifted
Cream Pants: Old
Cap toed flats: (old) Neighborhood boutique
Bag: Franco Sarto's via Nordstrom

The weather was a bit nice that day so I didn't put on a lot of layers. My fuchsia jacket is made of thick durable fabric and was just okay for the occasion; previously worn here.  I threw it over a tank top, paired it with a pair of cream pants, slipped on some flats and viola..Note: Flats are a must if you are going anywhere where you plan to take long walks and just explore. Like taking a walk along those busy streets of Rome or Paris or Greece lost among hundreds of other tourists...:) We didn't stop to eat; just drove around town and then stopped over at a friends who treated us to some tasty treats...:)

I gave my purse to the Greek statute as a gift at first then, changed my mind and demanded to have it back..:)

                                                                            Me and hubby

I want to say thanks to all who stopped by and made comments on my last post. The interaction was so much fun. I'll be stopping by at your blogs too to say hi. As always, I never fail to share a word about my faith.

       *Jesus says hi and says he is ever ready to meet you only if you will let him in.*


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Easter Count down!!

Easter Dress

Easter Dress by ojomrs featuring a single breasted jacket

Created by Beauty on Polyvore

Louche green dress
$83 -

Valentino single breasted jacket
$205 -

Fendi tall shoes
$755 -

Alexander mcqueen

Woven belt
$145 -

  The color GREEN symbolizes life and growth and what other way to celebrate Easter (which is coming up) than to wear a green dress accessorized with brown and yellow accessories. Very, very festive! Let the COUNT DOWN begin!!


Houndstooth Chic!

Hounstooth Chic!

Hounstooth Chic! by ojomrs featuring a wool jacket

Created by Beauty on Polyvore

   I have been in love with the color yellow for sometime now and I'm sharing this beautiful ensemble I created on Polyvore some weeks ago. Very vibrant and chic; it reminds me of Summer sans the houndstooth jacket. I can't wait to re-create this look!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

F21 Vest and denim

Thank God the weekend is almost here and It will be fun to kick off the work shoes and snuggle on the couch while watching huge flakes of snow dropping from the sky through the window. Yeah, there is forecast of another snow storm over the weekend through Monday morning. And there was actually a wintry mix today too; rain and snow. The temperature is in the upper thirties though and definitely warmer so, it'll help to melt that snow in no time. The weather has been so gloomy and coupled with my weak camera which I keep making excuses for; the pictures didn't come out so great as usual...:)

Well, I finally got to wear my faux fur vest I just ordered from Forever 21 and talked about in this post here. I paired it with a white long sleeve tee by Victoriassecret and denim trousers from Loft. I really do love trousers or wide leg pants and prefer them to skinny pants. However, I realize that this vest might look better over a skinny pant because it is very bulky and would reduce the risk of looking like one gained 10 pounds over night. So, point noted. I'll definitely be wearing them over skinny pants next time.

White long sleeve tee: Victoriassecret
Faux fur vest: Forever 21
Denim trousers: Loft
Patent heels: DSW (here)
Purse: Neighborhood boutique (The Clearance Rack)

                           Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I wish you a wonderful weekend.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fashion Faux-Pas

Hi everyone, I hope you are all having a great week. Mine has been pretty busy and I took these pictures after a hectic work day. This is the main reason I'm looking cross-eyed in most of them...:) I leave for work pretty early in the morning and I'm always in haste so, I'm not able to take pictures stepping out and at the end of the day, I'm pretty worn out. However, I have to keep updating my blog; afterall, it's my fashion and life journal. So, like I always say, all pictures go up on the blog no matter what...:)

My main philosophy or rule about my dressing is based off of my bible which says that I should always dress modestly as a woman. And that is the rule I try to follow primarily. Everyother rule about not wearing patterns with patterns or not wearing what with what are just secondary. This is not to say that I do not agree with conventional rules but I do break them now and then to suit my own style or function.

So, I decided to name this post "Fashion Faux-Pas" because something about the outfit is not compliant with conventional fashion standard. Can you guess what it is? I mean apart from the fact that it does look like a school girl's uniform..:)

Can you guess what it is? Do you think it is having the belt on the sweater or not wearing socks or having a tweed jacket on denim?

Also, the weather is starting to warm up over here in MN and the layers are starting to come off gradually. It felt comfortable enough to bare some skin so I decided to wear my custom made denim skirt which I love so much. I think I'm going to make anorther trip to the fabric store soon cos I have all these sketches I made recently that I would love to bring to life.

Did you take a guess yet? It's pretty obvious right...right?

Okay!!! here it goes!!!....:) "Cinching a hooded sweater at the waist with a belt and wearing it over a skirt!!" A fashion faux pas...don't you think? Anyways...I just wanted to say hi and to share my outfit of the day. I think I have a colorful closet now as compared to when I first started documenting my fasion and only had dark and greys. My next makeover now is to work on myself as a person; my inner man. I want to continue to build up my faith and spirituality. "Let's make the world a better place!" Woot...Woot..

Yellow top: Old Navy (Old)
Denim Skirt: Custom made
Boots: Victoriasssecret
Jacket and belt: Thrifted


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Do not be deceived...

Yeah, do not be deceived because a lot of times looks can be deceiving. Some things might look pretty on the outside while the insides are gross, some people look all cute and great on the outside but on the inside they are not that great and their personality is zero. sometimes you might look in your closet and think you've got nothing to wear until you make a mess and reach into nooks and crannies that you have not looked into before and then you find all the lost treasures...

Okay, enough of the soliloquy. Some of the items in these outfits; my jacket and shoes are discovered treasures. I have had them a long time and the mustard jacket is actually my first ever thrifted jacket. I was reorganizing my closet a few weeks ago and suddenly stumbled upon them and remembered that I had not worn them in a while. So the weather forecast was in the forties today and I was like; "yeah, I can pair my mustard jacket with my black ankle pants in order to high light this my mustard suede heels."

The outfit turned out well and everything but it was freeeezzzing! The temperature is in the upper thirties but definitely still too cold for ankle pants. It was very windy too and the wind certainly brought down the chill. So, you see...looks can certainly be deceiving...:) Now I know it's still too early to wear some certain items and I'm just going to keep on enjoying my winter gear until it's really time to beak out the summer items.

I hope everyone is having a great Sunday and I hope you took time out to [spend] time with God and family. It's good to be all glammed up and stuff but we also have to work on our insides; the inner man. Let's make the world a better place and let's continually give God the praise.

Thanks so much for reading. I enjoy reading your thoughts and comments and it's great finding other amazing bloggers. So, leave me a trail by leaving a comment and I'll pay you a visit. **Kisses!**

Jacket: thrifted
blouse: Neigborhood boutique (here)
Pants: Tj Maxx
Shoes: DSW
Necklace: Palm beach
Ring: Burlington
Bag: Jessica Simpson
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