Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pleats Deal

Pleats! Pleats!! Pleats!!!
So timeless and classic; this trend has indeed come to stay. The pleats fabric can be used to make just about any style; pants, skirts, dresses. Also I love that they come in fun yummy colors. I was in the fabric store the other day and went to the pleats section and I was just drooling over all the lovely colors. I couldn't help going away with yards of pleats fabric and I would give my seamstress a call soon. I have a few pieces in my closet already and the recent addition is the green high low skirt below I purchased from
I do not know what to do with my pleats fabric yet but I'm a little tempted to make dresses and pants since I do not have any pleats pants or dresses. The fabulous dresses below retail for $128 at
For now, I'm just content drooling over the yummy, colorful yards of fabric in my closet and seriously thinking of taking some sewing classes soon. I can't wait to start making my own clothes!



Photo Credits: Victorias,,
Beauty Ojo

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