Saturday, January 25, 2014

Do you do blue???


I had enough time on my hands and decided to organize my closet a little bit; organization involved putting on a couple of shoes and strutting around a bit. At the end of the day, the work got done and things got organized a little bit in my mini walk-in closet and then I made a discovery. I had so many pairs of shoes in the same color and several of them had not been worn at all or worn only once. How did this happen?...:)
Having a lot of shoes in neutral colors like brown, tan or black is okay as an adult because these colors (brown, tan, black) are worn a lot and it's not too cool for an adult to wear the same pair of shoes continuously (no matter how expensive or how trendy that pair of shoes is). Anyway, I spent some time trying to justify why each pair of shoes was purchased. Since cobalt blue is one of the colors I am loving right now (and have been loving for a while too) I decided to do a blog post on it.

The first time I saw this cobalt blue waleo pumps by Jessica Simpson, I loved it so much and it didn't hurt that they were pretty affordable too. Also, the color is bold and the suede fabric is of good quality. I have not worn it a lot since I purchased them almost two years ago but I know it was a good buy.

I bought this pair of pointed toe cobalt blue pumps about a year ago from Victoria Secret and while I was aware that I already owned a pair of cobalt blue pumps, I went ahead and got them anyway. The justification for getting them was that;
1. They were on sale and it was such a good deal
2. Pointed toe pumps were trending and I felt I needed to add a couple of new pointed toe pumps to my small collection. 
3. It was not okay to have only one pair of shoes in any color; two pairs is my minimum..:)

Then there is this third pair! A pair of blue patent Steve Madden shoes which was actually my first pair of blue shoes. I have only worn this pair just one time and I totally forgot about them until I stumbled on the box while I was cleaning out my closet.


Now do I have just this three pairs of blue shoes??? No!! I have since added two more pairs of blue color shoes to my collection. However the new addition are navy blues so they are not the subject of this "Cobalt blue shoes" blog discussion...:)
So, what is the resolution to the blue shoes craving?
 I made a conscious decision to stop buying shoes and not just "blue-shoes" but shoes in general and I have kept this for months without making any slip. I never go to the mall to do window shopping anymore and I have stopped the habit of routinely browsing web sites to see if there are shoe deals and discounts. Whenever I get those tempting coupons in the mail, I dump them in the trash without even taking a second look. Also, I try to spend my spare time doing more valuable things. Yeah, it's a sin to be a shopaholic...quote me! 
However, yes however...there might be need to indulge once in a while and it would be a conscious decision not a slip and it would be pre-planned with budget and motive in mind. I have been eyeing this cobalt blue sandals below for a while now; The contrast between the blue and the brown is beautiful and since I do not have any blue sandals for the summer season, it's on my list plus it's super cheap.

I saw this sandal for the first time on Polyvore when I entered into one of the design contests and you can find the collage and the link to the blog post here.



This blog post is definitely an inspiration to myself first of all and whenever there is that craze to buy that gorgeous pair of shoes that is not really needed because it is going to be collecting dust in the closet, then I would remember that I have made a public declaration on my blog not to do so.

                                Do you do blue and if you do; how much blue do you do?

                                                                        Beauty Ojo
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