Saturday, September 28, 2013

Straight from the Pack

Black Blazer: Old
Denim Shorts: H & M
White tee: Customink
Shoes: Steve Madden

It's graphic tee time! The weather was very much perfect today for me to wear my custom made tee I designed on and talked about in this post here. The long-sleeved tee arrived weeks ago and I only took a peek to make sure it met my specifications. When I woke up today to a rainy and gloomy weather, I knew it was time to get the tee straight from the pack. I paired it with a black blazer over a pair of denim shorts and put on my three inch red patent Steve Madden shoes. (I have been loving my low heel shoes lately but I do miss my six inch heels.)

I want to say a big thank-you to all who stopped by my last post to say hi and I really appreciate your visit. Thanks so much for visiting and reading and have a blessed and beautiful weekend.

                                                                     Beauty Ojo
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