Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Staying stylish in Winter one step at a time

The weather might be cold and snowy but our style do not have to be boring. I admit that my winter style might not be as fabulous or colorful as my summer or nice weather style; to be honest, I just want to wrap myself in blankets on very cold days. One thing I do not take for grated however is my shoes. I always make sure I have a cute and comfortable pair of shoes on my feet. To stay stylish in the winter time, just make sure your accessories are colorful and chic. So, if you tend to wear long dark coats the whole winter, make sure your gloves, hats, mittens and gloves are on the colorful side to keep your spirit up. If you give up and just eliminate all forms of color and style from your winter wardrobe, you might end up with the winter blues which can lead to a serious case of depression. (Yes, depression is higher in the winter time and it is usually attributed to the dreary winter weather) To elevate your style and your steps, consider adding a pair from these selection of winter boots. They are all grey or neutral in color and are ankle boots but they are stylish and cute and you can find one that lifts up your mood based on your style. Happy shopping.

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