Sunday, February 10, 2013

Winter Essentials..

Hi beautiful readers, just as the snow storm rolled away from the north east, with everyone breathing a sigh of relief, it seemed to have changed course and headed for the north west. It has been snowing for a couple of hours now here in the twin cities and we are basically just snowed in. I spent some time by my window watching the huge lovely flakes drop down from the sky then I layed down on the bed and threw a heavy blanket on and went away to dream land. In my dream, I had this huge, huge closet in an ice cave in Antarctica with all the winter essentials flying around in the closet and I was trying to grab on to them.
Well, I woke up with a smile and the thought that this Winter season seems not to be going anywhere. I was already thinking of putting my Winter items away but the opposite seems to be the case now. I feel like I ought to go get more items to weather this storm. So, this is why I decided to do this long post on "Must Have Winter Essentials." Usually, Winter items  go on sale at the first sign of Spring; I am going to save my list for then and stock up on items I am missing right now for the next Winter and I'm willing to share my list with you all...:)
#1 Winter Essential: Jackets


Winter Jackets are a "must haves" in any ladies closet who lives in any region that has the four seasons. We all know from common sense that we need to cover up when the weather is cold and this does not just mean throwing on a lousy jacket or coat and going about like someone who is homeless. Even the homeless these days would not put on a lousy jacket...:) Rather we have to look put together in something nice and warm at the same time. If I were building up my winter closet for the first time, I would start out by buying a basic black jacket or a jacket in a neutral color like brown or tan which I can use with most clothes in my closet. Then when I have gotten other essentials in my closet, I can go back and add to my jacket or coat collection.
The following are some things I would consider when buying more jackets. 
1.Color: I would jazz up my jacket collection with the infusion of fun color jackets
2. Length: I would buy a couple of jackets in longer lengths that I can use on dress outfits.
3. Trend: I would buy jackets in the seasons trends. This season, hounds tooth jackets seem to be in.
4. Style: I would buy jackets that have interesting styles like pleats, belts and fur hoods.
# 2Winter Essentials: Scarves
Scarves are very essential in any ladies closet and they can be bought in fun colors, pattern and fabric. Since they are accessories, it is important to make them the trendy piece in any outfit. For example, since cobalt blue is a color that is in right now, we can buy a cobalt blue scarf which we can use with lots of outfits as opposed to buying a cobalt blue dress which we can not wear a couple of time without raising a few eye-brows. 
#3 Winter Essential: Hats
Hats are definitely needed to keep the head warm during the cold season and a stylish lady would get them in different colors and styles. Like the scarves, they make for an interesting Winter wardrobe. You can dress up an edgy outfit with a bolero hat or look chic in a beanie.
#4 Winter Essential: Boots
Boots! Boots!! Boots!!! Yes, any fashionista definitely need a pair of boots in her closet. It does not matter if you do not have Winter or snow where you live because boots can be worn in the Spring season too. If you do not like them super high, you can get them in any comfortable heel length that is okay for you. And as always, I would start my boot collection by getting black or brown boots in a simple style and then I can take the collection up a notch by adding boots with interesting details like scrunches, buckles, bows and patterns.
Then if you are adventurous and really like how you feel when you wear boots, you can add the booties or ankle boots to your shoes collection. Booties are a little bit picky as regards the outfit they can be worn with so just don't go off buying booties unless you are sure you have some clothing items in your closet that you can wear them with.
I have an interesting tip to share when it comes to buying boots when you are on a budget. You can research convertible boots on line or ask the sales associate about them when you go to the mall. Victoriassecret usually have them sometimes but they sell out pretty fast. Basically, these are boots that can be converted into ankle boots either by scrunching them or with the use of buttons and buckles. You can see a picture of this below.
#5 Winter Essential: Snoods
Snoods are very stylish accessories to add to any Winter wardrobe and they can keep the neck and shoulders super warm. However, I would not wear a hat and a snood together at the same time unless I am at a ski resort or on some kind of snowy region like Alaska. I like that they come in great colors and patterns and can give an interesting vibe to any winter ensemble. Some stores call the snood "Infinity Scarves."
#6 Winter Essential: Vests
I bet not every lady who lives in the four season area own a vest and I do not even own one myself...:) I am currently looking for a stylish and affordable vest that I can use in the spring time and I'm seriously considering getting a fur vest (faux fur, that is!) I like the way the fur vest adds some fun and glam to any outfit; they are also so versatile and can be worn with dresses, skirts or pants.
#7 Winter Essential: Gloves
This is arguably a "must have" that needs no introduction. They keep our hands warm and toasty and if you live in a cold, cold state like Minnesota, you would own more than one pair. They also come in fun colors and fabric like other winter accessories and they can be used to add color to winter ensembles.
#8 Winter Essentials: Rain Boots
Just like the vest, the rain boots are not staples in every lady's closet but there is no harm in owning a pair. At least, there would be no excuse for not enjoying the outdoors during a snowy day like today. Presently, I do not own a pair but it is certainly on my list. On a snowy day like today, instead of being stuck indoors, I would have put on my rain boots and gone outside to play with my kids. So, I'm definitely going to add some kid's rain boots to my list too. I would not want to ruin my dressy boots in the snow...:)
#9 Winter Essentials: Trench Coat
Yay!! Did you see this coming? For some reason, I decided to put the trench coat in its own category. It is a winter coat alright and a lot of Winter coats have the same style as the trench coat; lapels and buttons. If you do not pay close attention you might just take such Winter Coat to be a trench coat thereby missing out this classic piece in your closet. There are various definitions of the trench coat out there; the most common being a loose, belted, double- breasted coat in a military style and the most common recognizable styles are the Khaki trench coats.
These coats come in short lengths or long lengths and can be sleeveless too. However, these days, the trench coat comes in different colors and fabrics and styles and I will end this post by posting some different styles so you can feed your eyes on them...:)
Also, if you did not go to Church today, I'll like to share some words with you from the Gospel of
2 Timothy 4: 13.
[And Apostle Paul said] "The cloke [coat] that I left at Troas with Carpus, when thou comest, bring with thee; and the books, but especially the parchments."
So, I close with these words; you can continue to look glam and continue to jazz up your wardrobe but do not forget the word of God. Go buy a new Bible too. **Kisses**
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