Friday, September 30, 2016

Polka dot Skirt

It's Friday; 'yay!!!" This is a quick look at this fun outfit I wore a few weeks ago and it can be a fun outfit for the weekend for anyone; a mix of formal and casual. The formal being the dress up shirt and the casual being the polka-dots high-low skirt and block heels. You can wear this outfit with slight modifications to work on Friday for casual Friday and to after hours shenanigans. Polka dots skirts are always fun to wear and you can certainly twirl in a full midi skirt like this one. Happy Friday...:-)


Shirt: Victorias Secret (sold-out) / Skirt: Several options HERE / Heels: Steve Madden

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cobalt Blue Off the shoulder top

When are we going to get tired of "off-the-shoulder tops?" It seems not yet...:-) I am wondering if the trend is going to continue on onto the Winter though haha! I purchased this cobalt blue top two summers ago when the off-the-shoulder top/dress was not such a big trend that it is now. I'll say too that I purchased it in error somewhat because I thought it was a longer dress when I saw it online. The dress arrived and it turned out to be too short and it ended up being a top. The store on-line store where I purchased the store is on amazon and I have purchased items from them before and their clothing items are always of good quality at great prices but their sizes do run small if you want to check them out.

As much as I like this trend, I do like it to be a little modest; just some little bit of bare shoulders and this perfectly fits the description; great color too. I paired it with a slightly distressed denim and my DIY pom-pom sandals to wear to my friend's son's birthday party; the perfect casual outfit for the event and the party was so much fun too; It always feels great to hang out with great friends and family.

Top: Here another version/color: Here Another option: Here Denim: LOFT Sandals: DIY Bracelet: JCrew


What are you up to today or what are your plans for the weekend? I hope your week/weekend is going great. When you are tired of seeing off-the-shoulder tops on here, let me know! hehehe...:-)
Have a blessed and wonderful weekend.
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Monday, September 26, 2016

Five Essential pumps for Work

Classic Pumps for Work

So, it is Work wear Monday and the topic for discussion on the blog today is; "Work shoes" with emphasis on pumps. It is very important for the working lady to build a classy shoe wardrobe because shoes do elevate an outfit. When picking the right shoes for work, comfort and style should be of great consideration and then comes color. The classic nudes which you can find in various shades and animal prints are great neutrals for work.

Work Shoes

                                  After hours/happy hour option

Women's FlatsWomen work-out shoes
Work Shoes
Variation in style from the classic pumps would be the sling backs and the Mary-Janes and since comfort cannot be over emphasized, flats should not be ruled out. Your level of comfort in shoes depends on your tolerance with heel heights but you can always relax at work when you have a cute pair of flats stored somewhere under your desk or in your purse for those times when your feet need a break. If high heel pumps are not your shoes of choice for work, then you have to have a nice array of comfortable flats.
In order for work flats not to appear too frumpy and casual for work, go for nice details on the flats like bows and cute silhouette or shapes like pointed toe pumps and most importantly, comfortable soles because flats can sometimes be as uncomfortable as heels. If you are the type that goes to work out in the gym directly after work, then ensure your work-out shoes are as comfy and chic as your work/office shoes because you never know when you'll run into a client or co-worker after work hours. So, ladies do you have a comfy, classy and chic "shoes closet" for work? If no, it might just be time to do some closet editing and shopping.
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Friday, September 23, 2016

Casual Denim

What else is more casual than a denim dress? You can't beat it. For those days when you don't feel like wearing a pair of denim jeans, the little denim dress is quite a great option. I made the look even more casual by throwing on a pair of black and white slip-ons and this zebra stripes messenger bag.  I think the denim dress should be a staple in every woman's closet; they come in different styles too; A-line shaped, shirt dress, full dress, pleated...just name it. What are your thoughts?  Yay! or Nay!?

Denim dress: Macys / Bag: Gifted / Slip-ons: Macys

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Monday, September 19, 2016

Five Fall Closet Essentials for Work

Fall Closet Essential

If you live in the four season area, I bet you know by now that the Fall season is around the corner. The approach of the new season, heralds extra chores which includes getting your wardrobe and closet organized and getting all the essential garments and accessories needed for the season. This post is a revision of the Work wear essentials for work; those pieces that you totally need in order to stay comfortable and stylish in the new season.


Fall Closet Essential- Sweater

Sweaters are definitely must haves in the closet for work during the fall season and a great way for updating our fall closet is by adding sweaters in good quality fabric like Cashmere and 100% wool. There should also be diversity in the purchase of design of sweaters; there are cable knits, turtle necks and button downs. Buying sweaters in lots of dark hues as opposed to neutrals is also a great way to update our closet for work. Throw a great jacket or blazer over the sweater and you are ready to go. The jacket or blazer is not part of this list because that is a clothing item that should be in the closet all year through.

                                                                         Great Heels

Fall Closet Essential - Great heels

The Fall or Winter season is not the time to wear sandals, flats or wobbly heels that do not provide comfort and warmth. In the summer months, you can pretty much get away with wearing less comfortable heels or shoes to work but when the added inconvenience of the cold and chilly weather sets in, uncomfortable shoes are not so easy to deal with. So, get a good pair of heels; boots, pumps, mary-janes or flats with very good sturdy heels and good fabric like leather and suede that can provide extra warmth.


                                                                          Structured Pants

Fall Closet Essential - Structured Pant

Warmth and comfort is of utmost importance in the work wardrobe for the colder months so all clothing pieces should be of good quality and sturdy fabric. My first fabric of choice for work pants for Fall is tweed because the fabric is very durable and produce a lot of warmth. Whatever fabric you end up with just ensure "warmth and comfort" should be priority.

                                                                        Statement bag

Fall Closet Essential - Statement Bags

A good statement bag in a color that pops or a good structure or design is as important in the fall as it is anytime of the year. A nice way of updating an old bag is by adding tassels or pom-poms charms to the handles or tying a bright colorful scarf on the bag handles. This add-ons elevate the look of the bag instantly and you can switch out the accessories every now and then. With one hand holding that hot cup of coffee, the other hand would be making a statement with that beautiful statement bag.

                                                                           Trench coat

Fall Closet Essential - Trench Coats

The trench coat; with or without sleeves should be a "Must" in every lady's closet. It is one outer wear that remains timeless and brings a certain element of class and style to any outfit. The neutral camel or beige color trench coat is very chic and stylish; want to elevate your style even more in the Fall? Get a trench coat in an unusual color or dark hue and you will easily stand out.


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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stripes and Green Midi Skirt

I wore this outfit sometime in the spring and just I'm going to make the post short because the combination of "stripes and anything" does not need any elaboration. Stripes always have a way of elevating an outfit especially when it is black and white stripes in my opinion. I combined the striped long sleeve tee with my green  midi chicwish and green and it seemed like a match made in heaven.

Longsleeved tee: Loft (old) /Skirt: Chicwish /Necklace: Avon /Pumps: VS Shoes

What do you think of stripes? Do you wear the combination of "stripes plus anything?"

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fashion Spotlight: Cold shoulder Tops

Cold Shoulder tops

Cold Shoulder Tops


The Summer is gradually coming to an end I know but not before we talk about this fashion trend that has been gradually taking over the "off the shoulder trend;" the popular trend of the season. This trend has got something to do with the shoulders too; "the cold shoulder top." I don't think I love this trend as much as the off the shoulder trend but I must say it is quite interesting. It seems a pretty easy design to DIY too so, it might be a good idea to get the look by working on an old blouse or tee lying around in the closet. I wouldn't purchase any piece with this cut-outs so long as there is a pair of scissors lying around in the house...Lol. What are your thoughts on this trend? "Yay or Nay?"

off the shoulder tops

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Shoe Lovin' - Splurge Versus Steal

Hi everyone; don't we all just love a good deal especially when it has to do with shopping for shoes? Having in mind that no two shoes are totally alike even when they are from the same designer; it does not hurt to get similar design of a beloved pair of shoes from a reputable designer at a more affordable price and good quality.

This post here is a comparison of this beautiful Summer sandals from two designers; the mustard pair below is from Steve Madden and retailed for about $100 but has since sold out. The color is so great for the summer and fall season and block heels are trending too; definitely a great addition to the shoe closet. The black pair is from Payless Shoes and at about $30, it is definitely a good deal. The payless pair also comes in this beautiful mustard color too and the quality is also great. So, in the words of the Payless commercial; "why pay more when you can pay less?"

SteveMadden- SOLD OUT

Payless- HERE


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Monday, September 12, 2016

How to wear Graphic tee to work

Hello, Friends, it is Monday and on the blog; "Work wear Monday." This post is all about; "how to wear graphic tees to work." We all know graphic tees are usually very casual clothing items that we can throw on a pair of denim anytime and go about running errands. However, a graphic tee with a decent message can also be worn to a casual work environment or to work on a Casual Friday. Some companies do have graphic tees with the business logo or promotional message on them that they hand out to employees and these can be worn to work but care has to be taken not to appear too dowdy or too laid back or casual. You do want your clients to take you seriously.

For Tees featured in this Post, click HERE


Below are some tips in wearing graphic tees to work and looking chic and put together.

  • Pick a well fitted tee in a neutral color
  • Make sure the message is not offensive or controversial for the work place
  • Pick a tee that has great design along with the graphics
  • Put on simple or neutral accessories (shoes, belt)
  • Wear your outfit with confidence.

The tees featured here can be purchased from Wear your praise website and you can get 10% discount by using the code BEAUTYOJO
Happy Shopping
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Friday, September 9, 2016

Outfit on Repeat


This Chicwish skirt is always on repeat every summer and it should be the most repeated outfit on this blog. I don't know why I get drawn to it every summer probably because the print is so bold and it is such a cool statement with the London phone booth print. I have managed to update the look each time I wear it by wearing a trendy top or seasonal top. The last time I wore it in the Spring, I just tucked a cable knit sweater into it and wore knee high boots in this post here. You can also see the other post here.

This time around, I just tucked in this red off the shoulder top into the skirt and since off the shoulder tops are trending this summer, it seemed a perfect match for this statement skirt. One way to enjoy styling your clothes and shopping your closet is to mix old pieces with new pieces; don't you agree?

Skirt: Chicwish / Top: Shein / Sandals: Colin Stuart via VS shoes

Has anyone ever posted a look multiple times on the blog? What other way do you suggest I wear this skirt next time? I'm thinking I could wear it as a sleeveless dress and then throw a blazer over it?...Lol What are your thoughts; yay or nay?
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