Saturday, March 2, 2013

So long...

It was great excitement when the first white light flakes
blew right by my face
The chill increased as the day decreased and the larger the amount, the bigger the flakes
I watched the pretty sight but could not play

Now I am tired and can wait but no more
I long for the longer days and the sun to come on
I wish for the birds to chirp and dance in the trees
I want to smell the fresh new grass again please

I am ready for another beginning
When all the fun keeps increasing
When the children under the sun can play
And the grown ups long for their turn to laze

I got nothing more to say now
I just lay all my thoughts down
So long Old Man Winter
HELLO, Miss Spring


I think I must have mentioned a hundred times on this blog (exaggeration...:)) that I love to write and draw and I actually did a lot of it in my younger years. I made comic books with beautiful and colorful illustrations and interesting stories to go with them. I smile whenever I come across some of my unfinished projects lying around somewhere in the house. It was even a great delight when I stumbled on my tools a few weeks ago as I organized my closet; stash of color pencils, erasers and sharpeners that got me excited for a minute.

I know I am too busy these days to sit down to write or draw the way I used to but I'm glad I have got my blog and writing blog posts gives me great pleasure too. I do hope you enjoyed my poetic attribute to the weather. I'm not so great at writing poetry but I do enjoy scribbling them once in a while..

Hat and top: Target
Brown Vest: thrifted
bracelet: gifted
Pants: Victoriassecret
Booties: Fashion Bug

Okay, I have to stop rambling for now and thanks so much for reading...but did you notice my neighbors still got Christmas decor in their yards in the background? It's March and Christmas was like over two months ago if I remember?...:) Well, I hope they'll take them out now that the weather has started to warm up. And I hope the heap of snow on my driveway would start to melt. I'm beginning to dream that I live in Aspen. See you soon. My blog turns one tomorrow...

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