Saturday, February 1, 2014

Finally in the Game..

Yeah, I'm finally in the game! but I'm not talking about the Super-bowl or any game of that sort though the Super bowl is tomorrow. I am talking about the "Colored Pants game." I know the colored pant trend is almost over or totally over already but it is never too late to join the trend. I acquired these colored gems; red, purple, mustard, green and cobalt blue last Summer and I can't wait for Spring to get here already!!...:-)

Before infusing this much color into my wardrobe, I used to tread gently by wearing neutral and warm tone colors like grey, black, brown and tan and sometimes, pastel color like peach. However, I kind of liked the colorful pant trend as soon as it came on the scene but I felt most of the colors out there were a little too vibrant and more appropriate for teens. Somehow, I gradually warmed up to the trend...:-)

So now, that I have gotten these vibrant hue clothing items on my hands, the next thing to do is to think of creative, fun and matured way of styling them. I know I like to look young just like everyone else but I do not want to be mistaken for a teen when I wear my vibrant hues. Being age appropriate  as a young confident woman in her thirties is very crucial in this game!...:-) Now, I got to go into my closet to do some styling. Also, I might not be able to wait for Spring to get here and might just wear one of these to Church tomorrow. Disclaimer: I usually do not wear denim to Church on Sundays but I think I have a cool idea for one of these cuties...:-) (More so, I would like to start posting pictures of my Sunday outfits on the blog). I'm thinking of wearing the cobalt blue denim pants tomorrow. For someone who did not like colorful denim at first, this is a very bold step. So, watch out for my Sunday outfit in my next post. Do you like or own colorful denim?

                                                                        Beauty Ojo

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