Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Shoes shoo blues..

       So, this post here is for shoe lovers; not shoe addicts because addicts would need a different kind of intervention. I put myself in the first category because I know I have full control over my shoe obsession and thankfully, my shoe taste does not discriminate. I love all kinds of shoes so long as they are pretty and are of good quality with a good heel. I can buy shoes from Payless stores or a discount shoe store if I like it and I can also buy shoes from Neiman Marcus and Saks if I need to but for the most part, I try to avoid those bigger departmental stores because when I am in there, my interest does not end at the shoe store as I find myself gravitating to the clothing racks. 'For this reason, I like to just go to a regular shoe store and get whatever I need without looking for extra trouble...:-). And one of my favorite shoe store happens to be DSW. The ones around my city constantly change their inventory and there is always a great pair at a good deal for the shoe lovers.                                                      

    I posted some photos on my INSTAGRAM yesterday about my activities and still on the subject of addiction, the reason I was skeptical of getting on Instagram for a long time was because I heard all the stories of people getting addicted to it and I was already addicted to this blog and I did not want more addictions...:-). At the time I finally got on Instagram, most of my friends were out because they were just tired of it or cutting off on their social networking. Well, I'm still on Instagram and I won't say I'm addicted yet. If you want to join me on there, please do. I always follow back and my Instagram profile/id/handle is; beautyojo.

Back to my story; we had some snow on Monday and it was not too unusual because I live in Minnesota and snow in March or April is not uncommon so, Monday's snow was no big deal. I wasn't too excited about the snow though and I had some winter and Monday blues and that is why I decided to stop by at the shoe store yesterday evening. In my previous visit mentioned here, I had seen this pair of ankle strap pumps on the clearance rack but I just admired them and put them back on the rack. However, I was determined to seek out the pair of pumps yesterday without the shoe associates help and my thought was that; "even if I did not find them, at least I could enjoy the thrill of looking."


Well, as you can see, I found them and they were still on clearance at 30% off. I paid close to a hundred bucks for them but was a little disappointed when I checked out the shoes on Michael Kors' website when I got home and found out that they were on sale for about $60...oouuch!!!
Do not forget to check out my Giveaway sneak peak in my previous post and be back on Friday for the vote.

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