Saturday, December 13, 2014


This pic is funny; seems like my hands are way bigger than my feet...:-)

To say the truth, it's really funny how fashion keeps evolving and recycling (can I use that word?) these days. Years ago, you'll never catch me wearing a long coat as this. I actually got gifted a few by my mum and a couple of older friends some years back and I donated them all. I thought they were too heavy and looked old fashioned. If I had known they were going to be trending in 2014, I probably would have saved them all; it would have saved me a couple of bucks....:-). 'just kidding; I'm actually glad I donated them then because I didn't really want them at the time.

Well, this  deep blue long coat is another recent addition to my coat collection and I actually do love the color and the weight also...:-). I can withstand any cold in it but just when I thought I was going to roll out stylishly, the weather did a 90 degrees turn and we're suddenly enjoying somewhat warm temperatures in Minnesota in December! Can you believe it?...:-). Now, the temps is going to be in the thirties and forties all through next week. **eyes rolling.**

Anyway, yours sincerely is not deterred. I'll still wear my coat even if the temps go up to forties so long as I know I can see snow on the ground and the calendar says it is December...:-). I'm looking out for another coat in a pastel color this time that I can use in the spring. For this look, I decided to keep everything black and made the coat the statement piece.

Long Coat: Chadwicks
Pants and top: Loft
Bag: Jacqueline Ferrar
Jewelry: Gifted.

I hope everyone is doing great? Oh my God, I can't believe the year is really coming to a close so fast; seriously!! I thank God for everything though. There might be plans that were not achieved or projects that were not completed but my Bible tells me that I should give God thanks in everything and that is exactly what I'm doing.

I am yet to complete my christmas shopping and still have a long to-do list and there is also the birthday party I need to organize for my son who turns one this christmas but I'm not going to stress. I'll take one day at a time. I have a Giveaway going on on the blog right now and I'll like you to check it out.


I Thessalonians 5: 18

In everything, give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

                                                       Thanks so much for stopping by

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