Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Fall bag trend: The Crochet Bag

The Bag is the number one lady accessory that has evolved a lot over the years. There are so many designs and creations of it that it is hard to keep up sometimes. In previous years, the popular bag designs were the purse, the tote, the handbag and a few other variations. These days, we have the bucket bags, the saddle bags, the cross body bags, the straw bags, basket bags, belt bags...just to name a few. All kinds of women bags are now in the mainstream of fashion. This fall, the straw bag would still be a huge trend in all its variations but mostly in the bucket form and in dark hues as well. However, the bag that is set to take over the straw bag for fall is the "Crochet bag." This is the handwoven crochet or knitted style of  bags. The famous bag designer Cult Gaia who designed the popular summer Ark bag has designed this beautiful woven master piece here. There are so many variations of the crochet bag in the store as has been over the last seasons; it is just that they will become more popular this fall in my humble prediction. Etsy also has a wide selection of crochet bags from very talented artisans. Styling these bags would be very easy as they go with knits and warm sweaters and clothing that is already associated with the fall season. Happy styling.

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