Monday, March 25, 2019

7 Years Blog Anniversay and my tip for re-styling an old strapless dress

So, it is my seven years blog anniversary; I started this blog in March 2012 as a therapeutic hobby and I have enjoyed the journey every bit of the way. Owning a fashion blog has helped me grow so much in my personal and social life and believe me when I tell you that it takes a lot of discipline to run a blog of any sort; whether you own one for business or financial reasons or for pleasure. When you are consistent with your blog posts, you start to see your blog as a "friend" or "a part of your family," so to speak. As a fashion blogger, you keep an eye out for trends, you plan outfits for the blog,  take pictures, do photo editing and blog designs and layouts and then lots and lots of writing  and editing. Blogging is basically supposed to be a full time job of its own and if you do not love it or have a passion for it, you cannot do it for long. I am happy I started this blog; I am happy for the therapy it brought me over the years and the patience and discipline it has taught me and I am thankful for all the amazing blogger friends I've made along the way. This blog is still a hobby and I do not run it for profit or financial reasons and I'm grateful for the independence and freedom I get for running it on my own terms.

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