Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Snood: A Winter Closet Essential

The snood is a closet essential for the winter especially at this time when we are having a deep freeze in most parts of the mid-west of the United States with temperatures dipping as low as -27 degrees Fahrenheit in some states.  Snoods are sometimes confused with infinity scarfs but they are different. A snood is a piece of clothing used by women to cover the upper part of their body usually the head and neck. it has a cowl shape in most cases and sits very close (snug) to the neck. It can be a knitted piece of fabric or crotchet. It can also be made from any other fabric so long as it stretches and can go over the head if it needs to like a hood and this is the main distinction of a snood from an infinity scarf. An Infinity scarf is a loop of fabric that is worn loosely around the neck like a scarf. Sometimes, infinity scarfs can be folded around the neck a couple of times to convert them into a snood like this piece here. In my opinion, a snood is usually warmer and more cozy than an infinity scarf. You can layer it over a top, sweater or dress and a colorful snood can elevate any winter outfit. A good place to shop for snoods is on Etsy Website. I have rounded a couple of snoods and infinity scarfs in the links below if you want to check them out and check out the original post of this outfit here. Stay warm and fabulous!

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