Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bundle up in fur and boots.

So, it is still very cold in my neck of the woods; extremely cold in fact but we are troopers in the state of Minnesota and we know just how to bundle up when the temperature goes extreme. This outfit featured here is what I wore to a Christmas party with my hubby during the Christmas holidays.

 It was an extremely cold evening the day of and I wanted to be cozy and chic. It was not a black-tie event so I knew I wanted to put on a somewhat casual outfit. I picked this bodycon knit dress and draped a faux fur stole across my shoulders then strapped on a belt. 'A very easy outfit to put together at the last minute. I purchased the faux fur from a fabric store in my neighborhood a couple of years ago and it's always a handy accessory during the cold winter months. My Chinese Laundry over the knee boots completed the look. A bit of color variation in the accessories; brown belt, black boots; but all the colors came together with the addition of the fur stole. I did have fun at the party by the way and hubby was super pleased with the outfit.

Styling tip 101- "It is okay to bundle up when it is extremely cold but never, ever lose your edge and chicness." Also, invest in very good shape wear or under garments if you are going to wear a bodycon dress.


                           Bodycon dress: shein / Boots: Chinese laundry / Faux fur stole: DIY



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