Monday, November 19, 2018

Nordstrom Gift ideas for the Holidays

Beautiful Gift ideas for the 

      Fashionista Lady



     One  / Two / Three / Four  / Five  / Six  / Seven / Eight   / Nine  / Ten / Eleven  / Twelve  / Thirteen

The holidays are here. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and Christmas and New Year less than 50 days away and along with the holidays come the gift giving. This Post is a selection of  my favorite things from Nordstrom for the fashionista ladies and fashionable men in our lives. None of the items are on sale currently but they are all under a $100 each. To be honest with you all, I prefer to give gift cards as gifts these days because I think that is the best option ever and this is why I included gift cards on both lists. However, before giving out gift cards, just make sure you have a budget and know your limit for each person on your list. It is also a great idea to get gift cards from the favorite stores of your friends and loved ones as that would really help them  towards getting membership points and rewards from those stores.

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