Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What to wear on a not so cold fall day

Do you live in an area that does not experience fall in the full sense? I mean, cold mornings and evenings, fallen leaves....Maybe, you live somewhere in Arizona where it is nice and warm but you would still like to dress in fall appropriate clothing that is suitable for areas where there is a real drop in temperature or real cold fall weather? You can achieve this by changing the colors of your ward robe to warm colors. You should switch out the bright colored outfits of the summer for darker colors and replace tee shirts with light sweaters. For shoes, you don't have to wear the knee high boots or ankle boots if you do not want to or if you know it is really awkward to wear boots in nice warm weather. Wearing a rust colored shirt or sweater or an orange color shirt over denim with a nice pair of leopard print pumps is just the right casual outfit you would need for a not so cold fall day. If you want to take the outfit up a notch, just throw on a floppy hat and you are out the door to enjoy the nice beautiful weather. I love you for reading 😘
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