Monday, November 30, 2020

Leather Blazer + Maxi Denim Skirt


      Ԋi  everyone 😃 We are finally in the last month of the year 2020 and it's with Faith that I say that I pray that all our headaches and heartaches end with the year 2020. I pray that the upcoming year 2021 usher in a new beginning for us all. Well, it's December 1st! I took these pictures on a windy beautiful fall afternoon when the weather was a little cold but not cold enough for a heavy jacket. This brown printed leather blazer is one of my favorite thrifted blazers and believe me when I tell you that I purchased it for less than $20 and it is in great condition and 100% leather too.

 I know that this would not sound great to the animal activists out there and I sincerely apologize...I believe in sustainable fashion and saving the environment and was not exactly looking for 100% leather when I found this blazer. A printed leather jacket like this one  costs hundred of dollars at the stores. I paired the blazer with a vintage maxi denim  skirt and white button down shirt and completed the look with brown square toe boots. Believe me again when I tell you that this is a perfect fall outfit. Thanks so much for reading.

Blazer                Skirt              Boots

Monday, November 23, 2020

Holiday Gift Guide for Black Friday: Gifts for Her


       t is the season of giving again; and time for some gift giving inspiration. If you need help getting gifts for the fabulous ladies in your life, you can start by gifting her a dress for the holiday and this burgundy color satin dress is just perfect for the Christmas season. A magazine subscription in digital and print is another great gift option just make sure you know what kind of magazine your recipient would like and if in doubt get a design magazine or a fashion magazine or a great coffee table book. Paintings or other items of décor like tall planters can also be given to single friends or family friends. 

 Earrings and Throws are also great. The icing on the cake would be a cute pair of shoes and it does not have to be heels all the time. Since we have all been stuck inside at home and will also be celebrating the holiday while social distancing, this beautiful Badgley Mischka flats would be a great gift to any lady. Happy viewing, happy shopping. 

                                         One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven

Friday, November 20, 2020

How to style: Leather Midi skirt

        Өne of my favorite trends for this fall season is the leather trend; it is just so chic and elegant. I have always loved a good pencil leather skirt because it is so versatile. It can be styled with almost any top based on the season and it will still look elegant. In this collage, I decided to pair the pencil skirt with a light colored or off white turtle neck because it enables the skirt to be the main focus of the outfit. A dark colored sweater would be great too but it would not elevate the skirt for Fall as much as the lighter color does. The darker color sweater or top pairing should be reserved for the winter months. A great pair of brown boots elevates the look even more while keeping other accessories very simple. Thanks so much for viewing and happy styling.

*Set adapted from: Styleboardcreator*

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Off white sweater + Green khaki Pants


        Θne of the things I love about fall fashion is sweater styling. Cozy sweaters over cute bottoms; denim, pants or skirts is the best way to style up this season. Today, I decided to add a bit of color to my fall style with this green color pants. It's boxy and has a straight fit and just the right cut to pair with my light brown suede boots. The green bag is just to add a punch of color to my outfit. Are you into sweaters for fall? Thanks so much for reading.


                                                                Pants           Sweater         Boots

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Camouflage Jacket + Knit Dress


         eteran's Day 2020 has an added layer of appreciation and thankfulness for all those who have served and are serving this country every day. These days, a branch of our military namely "National Guards" are helping  out in the fight against Covid-19 by building field hospitals and helping with distribution of essentials. A very big "Thank-You" to all our veterans and a big "Thank-You" to all our essential workers. 

In this post, I'm wearing a knit dress from Target  which is actually a free flowing maxi knit dress but I used a belt to cinch my upper midriff and tucked the dress over it to create an illusion of a cropped top and a bottom. I paired the knit dress with a camouflage jacket which is a nod to the current "Shaket" (Shirt-Jacket) trend. My brown combat boots and pouch bag completed the look. What do you think of camouflage jackets or camouflage pieces in general? Besides, we just had our second snowfall of the season a few days ago; a snow storm so early in the season. Thanks so much for reading.

                             Dresses    Jacket     Boots

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Zebra print Dress + square toed heels


      乙ebra prints has taken over leopard prints as a classic fall print and I must say that the print is as classy as it gets. I love the print in brown color the most but do not mind other colors as well like this blue zebra prints dress from John Lewis. It is so stylish and elegant and can be worn just about anywhere in the fall season. I also love this black color zebra prints wrap midi dress; it is just so classy and chic and the sheer texture of the fabric makes it so feminine and romantic; definitely a great dress to wear on a dinner date. Back to my dress, I accessorized the look with black square toed sandals and a simple gold cuff. I completed the look with my soft tan pouch bag from Amazon which has been my go to bag all summer. What do you think of zebra prints; yay or nay? Thanks so much for reading.

Dress          Bag        Sandals

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