Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Floral Sequin blouse + Black midi pencil Skirt

I know it is Tuesday and not the end of the week yet but I really needed to do this throwback post to this sequin floral blouse I wore sometime last month. The weather is all dreary around here and all I have been wearing are sweaters and long coats as you can see from my previous posts on the blog but this post here is just to add a fun look to the blog and really, believe me when I tell you that this outfit was fun to style and wear. It's a look I wore to Church weeks ago and though there was so much snow around in the background, the weather was bearable and I also had on a long black coat which I did not include in the pictures. The floral sequin blouse is a thrifted piece I blogged about here a few weeks ago. I paired it with a black midi pencil skirt, a recent purchase from Target and completed the look with an Asos belt and black suede pumps.

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