Saturday, September 29, 2012

Be Prepared...

These days I put more deliberate thought into everything that I do as compared to before. I try to be prepared for every occasion and this does not just refer to dressing up alone...:) I study more even though I have a very hectic schedule which involves work and family and I try to enjoy every moment I can spare for leisure. When I am done doing all I can, I leave the rest unto God because he is the only one that gives the grace for any achievement. I get on my knees and put in some prayer time for all those other situation I have no control over.

These are the thoughts that were going through my head today as I got ready to take the kids to my friend's sons' birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. The twin boys just turned four  and Chuck E. Cheese is the best place to have a party for boys of that age because they have all the energy to play and run around. My son and my girls were really excited about the invite.

I decided to wear this sheer blouse over some Capri pants and what influenced my decision to wear the blouse was because the weather was really nice and beautiful today and I knew I was going to feel very comfortable in the sheer fabric. Then, I chose the black pants because I was prepared to handle any spills. As expected, there were lots of it...:) My eighteen months old daughter spooned some of her ice-cream right on my lap!

Yeah, this is what I wore to the party. I knew other mothers were going to be there and I wanted to look glam as always...:) However, I was prepared to party and I had some flats packed in my across body bag. After I made my initial entrance and did all the chit-chat, I went back to my car and changed my clutch for a cross body bag and switched into some comfortable flats. I did not want to step on any kid with my five-inch heel. The Chuck E. Cheeses was so packed and there were lots of kids running around as usual.

When I got back from the party, I was still super energized and wanted to burn some calories. I had eaten lots of pizza at the party not counting the amount of beverage and ice-cream that I had..**eyes rolling** so I took to yard work...**smiles**  No, I was not trying to show off to the neighbors that I get dressed up to rake I know some people would think of that!

I did not really think my flats were the best choice for this outfit as I thought it would have looked better if I had worn a cute little denim dress or some cute skirt but I was in a hurry at the time and just grabbed the closest flats I could find. However, I think it was not a bad choice. Anyone can pull off any fashion faux paux with the right attitude...:)

My hubby tried to disuade me from raking the leaves but I was insistent. I love Fall and raking the leaves is one of my favorite things to do in the Fall season. My neighbor's lawn is so green that it makes me green with envy...:) I told hubby we need to take better care of our lawn and I'm sure the point was noted.

Thanks so much for reading my blog. Your comments are welcome and appreciated and I love finding your lovely blogs through your comments. Take charge of every situation in your life and always be prepared! **Kisses**


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