Sunday, March 1, 2015

Red Pant Suit and Sequins and Time waits for no One..

Hi Friends, yeah, it's March 1st and time absolutely waits for no one! It sounds cliche whenever this quote is made but then...So that first picture above of me running (and pulling my wide leg pants up) was added to this blog post on purpose though I was not aware of the time it was snapped. Whenever my hubby takes my blog pictures, it's snap! snap!! snap!!! No wasting of time because he got to hurry to go to church but when my son takes my pictures, I become a film/photography director, teacher and editor all at once...:-). And thinking about both situations make me smile. Whether it's a fast photography shoot or an extremely slow one, I have to love both of them and there is no choice about that.

This sort of reflects life in general, sometimes things are slow and sometimes things are fast. Sometimes things are great and sometimes they are not but life continues to move on around us. That is why I hold unto the only thing that remains constant; my faith. It's what keeps me strong when I am weak and gives me joy when I am sad. In life, it is our love for God that matters more than anything else because everything else is just vanity.

So, flared pants are trending and I decided to wear my flared/wide leg pants today and this outfit is actually "separates." The blazer is from Loft and the Body by Victoria wide leg pants is an old purchase from Victoriassecret. I actually enjoy creating my pant suits this way and you have to look really close to notice that the shades of red are slightly different. Check out how I styled a similar pantsuit here.

I decided to tone down my accessories by using dark brown or neutral colors. This sequin bag was thrifted a couple of months ago and I blogged about it here. My brown pointed toe Isaac Mizrahi pumps completed the look.

Blazer: Loft
Pants: Victorias Secret
Shoes: Isaac Mizrahi
Purse: thrifted blogged about here.

Well, I got to go now and I will chat more in my next blog post. I was supposed to post a sports look on the blog and I would talk more about what happened with that look on my next blog post. For now, I got to go; "time waits for no one."

                                                                   Thanks so much for stopping by

                                                                              Beauty Ojo

John 3:16New International Version (NIV)

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
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