Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Crispy blue...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Mine has been a bit hectic (work, school..) but beautiful all the same. "Life is beautiful guys; no matter what would come our way!" If you have faith in God, you will know that he has given us strength to overcome all circumstances and you have to believe that all things work out for your own good all the time. That being said, I'll like to share with you one of my outfits that was inspired by June flowers..

   I titled this post "Crispy blue" because of the blue overtones in the jacket and skirt..quite obvious?   **grin.**

                                              Jacket: Thrifted. Previously worn here

                                                                Skirt: Nine West

                                                                    Bag: Guess

                                                White Shirt: Cold Water Creek

                                           Zigisoho pumps from Designer Shoe Warehouse

                          This box pleat skirt has white embossed flowers on it...not too clear from the shot

                                        White crisp shirt has detailed floral lace in front


                              The jacket can always come off whenever it gets too warm...:)

                                                              Crispy blue look..ha! ha!!

I wish everyone a wonderful and fun weekend ahead. I have more floral styling to dish out for the rest of the month and would be happy to share them on my blog.  Remember to always have hope in every situation you find yourself and everything would work out for your good.

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