Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The number one trending shoe color for Spring

                                                            Check out the pointed toe ballet flats Here

 I remember when floral shoes used to be a huge trend for spring; yes, floral flats, sneakers, heels....the trend is different this season unless you have a pair of neon floral shoes. Neon color is trending this spring and I think it might extend into the summer months and while we have different neon colors like orange and fuchsia, lemon or lime color neon seems to be riding on top. And there are different shades of it too. Put three or four neon green pieces together and you will understand what I mean by saying that there are different shades of the color. A neon color shoe would add a beautiful pop of color to a white tee and denim look and would also look good paired with a black dress. It is all about having fun with this unexpected color this season. Check out some of my favorite shoe selections below.

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