Friday, October 13, 2017

How to style a little black dress for Fall + red box bag

 Happy Friday everyone 😆 I hope you are all doing great. This is a quick post to show this outfit I wore to Church last Sunday. This is actually a sleeveless turtle neck dress that I have had for years and it looks quite good worn by itself on a warmer day but the weather was a little chilly so I decided to layer a dress underneath the black turtle neck dress. Also, because the weather was bearable, I went bare on the legs without stockings and I had on a long coat too (not pictured) which I took off when it got warmer. So, do not abandon that little black dress in the closet in the Fall especially when it is simple and tailored like this one; an old Zara piece.

Today is Friday the 13th and I know there is so much superstition surrounding this date but I do not pay attention to all that negativity surrounding a particular date or day of the week. I am a Christian, born again, saved and blessed and no date or day determines my life. AMEN! Christ has already
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