Friday, May 31, 2019

How I styled my neon Pant Suit


Can you tell by now that I really love the neon or lime green color trend? Well, sort of....😊 As you may well know if you a frequent reader of this blog; I just love to try on trends especially if I am shopping from my closet. This neon pant suit comprises of separates; a lime green color eyelet blazer that I thrifted years ago and a neon green racer back tank top from Old Navy and this lime green cropped denim pants I purchased from Victorias' Secret years ago when it had a clothing line. The statement piece in the entire outfit is this Betsey Johnson Sandals that I blogged about recently. The floral design and black and white stripes on the heeled sandals make it a show stopper. I think this is my best Betsey Johnson shoe purchase yet and I love that her shoe line is an affordable alternative to Sophia Websters which also features whimsical and fun shoes like this pair. This floral sandals are currently on sale though they are sold out in most of the sizes. The tip I have for styling neon pantsuit is to style textures into the outfit to make the outfit interesting. One way of adding textures is by using pieces from different fabrics like I did with my blazer and bottom or using accessories made from unique materials or fabric like I did with my shoes. I wore this outfit to Church last Sunday and my eight year old daughter took these pictures with my iPhone.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

White tunic + White Denim

The Memorial Day holiday is the unofficial start of the summer and now the holiday is over, we can rightly say that summer is here, (unofficially, that is) It is time to get out the summer wardrobe and accessories and what color symbolizes summer the most other than white? There is something very cooling about white color attire especially if the white outfit is made from natural fabrics like linen and cotton. I love to wear whites in the summer and I plan to wear lots of white outfits this upcoming summer too. One of my easy casual white pairing is a white tunic over white denim pants. It is my alternative to wearing a white dress in the summer and easier to run around in when running errands. In my outfit above, I threw on a white color tunic over a pair of denim pants and accessorized with a straw bag  and bow flats. 'very easy, breezy outfit to enjoy the hot summer weather. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Whites, tan and florals; my favorite Summer Pairing

Summer is around the corner and it's time to start switching out the wardrobe, if you live in a four seasons area like I do. One of my favorite color pairings to wear in spring time is tan, white and florals. I love the color combination because it is crisp and fresh and signifies a transition outfit for spring. The tan (beige, khaki, camel) color symbolizes winter that is just passed and the white signifies summer that is coming up. I also love to add florals to this color pairing and the florals symbolizes spring which is the current season. And let's not forget the straw bags; definitely not too early to start styling them.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

What to wear on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is around the corner and if you live in the United States, you know that this is a holiday and the unofficial start of summer. If you have a barbeque planned for the day or some outdoor activity with family and friends, you probably are thinking of putting on something casual. My style recommendation would be to put on a jumpsuit for the day. I love the utility/khaki style of the jumpsuit featured on the mood board above and utility style is right on trend too. I paired the jumpsuit with a pair of yellow statement heel slides and sparkly pair of earrings and neon color sunglasses. Since the Memorial Day holiday is the unofficial start of summer, it is time to get out the straw and woven bags; they are just the right accessory for any summer outfit. Happy viewing, happy styling.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Recent Fashion Find

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know by now that I enjoy thrifting. There is just something about it that is therapeutic for me. I usually go in to the thrift store to get something specific as I did a few weeks ago when I went to Arc's Value Village, my favorite thrift and consignment store in my city. The items I had on my list were neon pieces and accessories and straw bags and blazers in that order. Blazers are always on my list though whenever I go thrifting and most often than not, I always get a good one to add to my collection. Well, on this occasion when I went there recently, I found this neon or lime color cable knit sweater along with the neon green sandals. If you don't know, neon and lime green colors are trending big time this season. I already have a couple of pieces and shoes in this trending color in my closet but just needed a few more to style on the blog. A lady can never have too many shoes, right? 😀 So, it was a nice thrift shopping trip.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Brown and black Polka dots style

The polka dots trend is still going on strong and while I love the trend and do not mind it, I still think that the black and white polka dots which is the classic print is now a bit too trendy. I love other colors of the trend like the white background with the black dots. The color combination I really love most is this tan background and black dots. The color combination is not so common and if you know me, you'll know that I love a different twist on a trend. J. Crew   really got it right when they launched this polka dot chino pants two summers ago, no wonder they sold out so fast. Other styles of this polka dots combination that I have seen online are super expensive like this pant here. The pants are beautiful but on the steep side. If I didn't get this pair from J. Crew before it sold out, I probably would have headed to the fabric store to find the print. Yes, if  you cannot afford it or cannot find it, try and make it. That is the new rule for the new year. Go, and just create! Check out my previous styling of this pants  here and thanks so much for reading.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Denim + Neon

Neon might just be one of my favorite color this season, second to lilac or purple. I am looking forward to styling it as a pop of color for most of my looks this summer. And looking back on the blog and into my closet, I found out that I have styled a couple of neon looks over the years and my closet does have a good number of neon or lime green pieces. One way I intend to style the color this season, is by pairing it with denim as I did here in this throwback photo. The denim on denim look is a classic when it comes to styling casual style and a good way of making the style your own is with the use of accessories. I paired my denim blazer with a fitted pair of denim pants and a black tee and felt the outfit needed a statement piece; so then came the statement piece or accessory, the neon sandals. I love the way the entire outfit turned out; simple and elegant, in my opinion. To see the full original post of this denim look, check it out here and thanks so much for stopping by.

Friday, May 17, 2019

A flashback look to a Spring Date Night Outfit

Happy Friday everyone 😁 and welcome back to my blog. Like I said in one of my recent posts, I was gone on blog vacation for exactly two months. The last time I was fully active on the blog via published post was here. And my first post back was this one right here. If you are wondering why there are so many posts between, it's because I published them when I got back on active blogging. So, it is safe to say it was not a full blog vacation, it was somewhat a partial one because I was taking pictures and writing blog posts every day while I was away. My blog has become my personal diary and I feel like I have to write something in it everyday. I must say I am addicted to Blogging at this time 😎 The only difference was that I archived my posts in the draft folders while I was away and published them when I got back. So, there is so much to read and catch up on. Just get a snack and a drink and read and browse away. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

How to style the color Purple and POLYVORE years later...

The color purple is still as trendy as ever in this space along with other shades of the color; lavender, you are going to be seeing a lot of outfit inspiration on here. The above set was created by me on Website and I love the color combination and accessories I paired together for the look. However, the pieces that make up the look are quite expensive and I decided to link up less expensive items below just in case we need some inspiration in recreating this look. Talking about this look, the skirt is a statement piece mostly for the beautiful color and the asymmetrical design. When I first  saw it, I knew right away that I wanted to style it as a summer piece so I paired a pair of sunglasses with it and mint color accessories in the bag and pointed toe mules. The multi color earrings tied the whole look together. This look can be worn to a graduation party or to a wedding.  Click on the links below to check out budget friendly pieces.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

How to style a colorful Pant Suit for Spring

Hi there 😀 My name is Beauty Ojo and you are welcome to my blog. How are you? 😂 I feel like I have to re-introduce myself again since I have been gone from the blog for a while, sort of. I have been here for the last two months but actually away too and if you are confused a little, I'll explain. The last time I did a public post was two months ago in this post here. I went on an impromptu blog vacation thereafter (more on that later) but it was a partial vacation because I was still writing; doing blog posts and taking pictures but I never published them; just put them in my archives instead. So, if you want to see all that I did while I was away, you can start here and read up to the newer posts by clicking on the link at the far left corner, at the bottom of the last post (on top the "Get to know Me" Gadget) until you find yourself here 😅

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Why I can't get enough of the Animal Prints trend

When you think the animal prints trend is fading away, it re-invents itself in a very chic and edgy way. It was all about the leopard prints last fall and then snake prints came into the scene and the trend is going stronger than ever. The snake prints skirt is the new it-trend of the season and I just can't get enough of it because it is so classy and edgy. It is even better when the skirt is in pleats; you know I love me a pleat skirt. This one I'm wearing is from HM and it sold out pretty quickly because the price was super affordable. There is a similar style here but the price is steep. I also love this dress here sans the sleeves. I wish the sleeves was a little more modest.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Why I love Knit Dresses

Knit dresses are my favorite kind of dresses mostly because a knit dress is a closet essential where I live. The weather is cold for a long part of the year here in Minnesota so a knit clothing piece makes sense. It is good for the wallet or budget because you can wear it for most of the year; spring, fall and winter and you can even restyle it in the summer when temperatures drop in the evenings. I purchased this red knit dress from Eshakti last fall but it has since sold out in the red color. As you know with all Eshakti dresses, there is always the option of making adjustments to them or customizing them for a small fee. I wanted the dress with longer sleeves compared to the cap sleeves style that was featured on the model on the site. And did I mention that all Eshakti dresses come with pockets? Yes, they do but you also have the option of ordering a piece without pockets. I love pockets because I can warm up my fingers when the temps drop and I think it is a beautiful styling element on dresses especially if the dress has a full skirt. I also just love the asymmetrical hem of this piece along with the pleating on the side.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day is around the corner and you know it is gifting time. The first choice of gifts for Moms on Mother's Day is "Thank-you." You can express your thanks to the Mom in your life by verbal communication in person or by phone or whatever works for you; then you can follow this up with a card and some flowers. When you have got that first and most important step out of the way, the next thing would be to get mom a gift; whatever you can afford. And if you are one of those who do not have their moms in their lives, it is okay too. There ae lots of moms around to show love to. Whoever plays a mommy role in your life, would love any of these gifts featured in the gift guide. Click on the links below to get more information.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Loft Littles

Loft is one of my favorite places to shop and I'm excited to announce that Loft just launched their own children's line; one more reason to love the store even more and it happened right on time; just before Mother's Day. Another unique thing about this kiddies line is that you can shop for pieces to match the mom's style and not only in outfits but also accessories. I know a lot of stores do this now especially during Mother's day and also during special holidays but what makes Loft unique is the style of outfits offered; jumpsuits, gingham print dresses and cute summer dresses. Stop at the site to check out the ongoing sale by using the code LOVEMOM

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Shoe Lovin,' - Embellished Sandals

So, I have been posting about embellished shoes for a while now and this floral embellished sandal probably tops all the affordable embellished shoes that I have shared on here in recent times. It is just beautiful and whimsical and it's got so much texture; stripes, florals, color blocking and being a sandal, it is ideal for the spring and summer season. This beautiful piece is a creation of the renowned Fashion Designer, Betsey Johnson who has a very whimsical and eccentric design style. Her shoes are stylish and affordable at the same time and if you are into eclectic design or style, you can check out her brand. This embellished sandal would be great for prom, showers and weddings. You can check it out Here

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

How I styled my clear Shoes.

Clear shoes have been around for a long time but they have become a huge trend this spring and I am not complaining. I have loved this trend for a while because it is so classy and edgy and creates interest for any outfit. I also love the fact that clear shoes are super versatile as you can find them in any style to pair with your outfit for work or for play. I even spotted a pair of clear sneakers recently on line. This post is on how I have styled this trend in the past. In the picture above, I paired a pair of black clear sandals with a grey leopard prints tunic and a pair of denim. The blouse is somewhat busy because of the print and the clear shoes tones down the outfit a bit. Since the straps are clear, it creates a false illusion of bare feet thereby making for an interesting look. You can click on the links below the pictures below to read the original post.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Spring Layering: Black and White Maxi Dress

I have had this bold black and white striped dress for years now and never really wore it until recently. The reason it lay in my closet for so long was because of the trendy style of the dress at the time. The style was just everywhere in the spring and summer of 2016 and I tell you; I really get put off when a particular style or fashion piece gets too trendy. I purchased this piece from eshakti at the time and there were other variations of it by other retailers like this Style here. So, the dress did sit in the closet for a before I decided to wear it to church a few weeks ago. Since the weather was still cold, I layered a black long sleeve tee underneath the dress for warmth and completed the look with a pair of black ankle boots, a black purse and red statement earrings for a pop of color. A long sleeve tee is the simplest piece to layer sleeveless dresses with in the cold season and the black color tee I am wearing here pairs effortlessly with this dress and creates the look of a one piece.

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